Will & Grace Season 10 Episode 10 Review

Will & Grace had a great return last week with guest star Mary McCormack, and this week's episode looks just as great. Jack gets caught between Karen and Estefan, while Will and Grace host a disastrous dinner.

Jack's birthday is coming up, but he's having trouble with Karen and Estefan, who are feuding with each other. Because of this, he gets a new app to track them both and keep them away from each other. Meanwhile, Will is struggling with a new department head at work, so Grace tells him to invite him over for dinner.

Estefan surprises Jack by showing up at the restaurant, though Jack is dining with Karen and he now has to juggle dining with both of them. Meanwhile, Will's dinner with Professor Rice isn't going very well, and it gets even worse when Professor Rice drops dead.

Grace calls an ambulance, but her and Will decide to look for his phone to call his wife. Jack keeps moving back and forth between Estefan and Karen, and it gets even more difficult when they start giving him birthday gifts. Grace notices a text on Rice's phone asking about Will's promotion, and she convinces Will to reply as Rice. When waiters bring out Jack's cake to sing Happy Birthday, they expose Jack's multiple dinners and ruin his night. After Will & Grace send the text, Rice wakes up.

Karen and Estefan make a scene in front of the entire restaurant, and end up wrestling in the lily pond. Professor Rice confronts Will and Grace about the text, and he fires him on the spot, despite Will begging for the job. Will then proceeds to tell him about his passion for the law, and Professor Rice allows him to keep his job. Jack asks Karen why she's so upset, and she reveals that she's afraid of losing Jack. He comforts her about it, and tells her that she isn't losing him.


This was a hilarious episode, one just as funny as the midseason premiere. Even though I'm not generally a fan of Estefan, I really enjoyed the Jack storyline and thought that the fight in the lily pond was absolutely hysterical. The plot was certainly familiar, and very much reminiscent of plots from other sitcoms, but the show managed to add its own spin to it, which made it fun to watch anyway. The story also ended in a very satisfying and touching way, with the heart-to-heart between Karen and Jack. Hearing Karen speak vulnerably and talk about her feelings isn't something we frequently see, but it's always welcome and it always tugs at my heartstrings. Will and Grace's plot was definitely a far-fetched, but considering that it's Grace, it's understandable that she wouldn't be able to tell a deceased person from an alive one. Will getting to keep his job was a little hard to believe, but it was still nice to see him get a win. Despite its far-fetchedness, the plot was still so very funny, especially when the two of them argued over how they would get into the Professor's phone. Like the Jack storyline, this one was a little familiar, but also like that one, it was different enough to be enjoyable. All in all, while not the strongest episode of the season, this was still a very strong entry of Will & Grace.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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