Family Guy Season 17 Episode 13 Review

This week on Family Guy, Peter is probably going to offend just about everyone in the world. But really, what else is news? Plus, we get what I guess can be described as a Bob's Burgers "crossover."

Peter and the guys discover that there will be a contest to win free Red Sox ads, which they compete in and win. At the game, a drunken Peter uses a transgender bathroom (which is not a bathroom for Prince) due to the long line for the men's room, which leads to everyone believing him to be transgender. At work, his bosses make the same assumption. They tell him about the benefits transgender employees receive, and he goes along with it.

Peter goes to the salon and begins to dress as a woman. He decides to go around town and insult people because, since he's a woman now, they can't hit him anymore. Peter goes out for karaoke, where he gets knocked out by a ceiling fan, which leads to a hospital visit. His bosses reveal that he had sexual reassignment surgery during his coma, as they signed the release forms.

The family tries to help Peter with his new life as a woman as best they can, but the guys ditch him at the Drunken Clam and he goes to another restaurant. There, he runs into Quagmire's dad Ida, who tells Peter about her own experience as a transgender woman. Peter realizes that what he did was very wrong, and Ida helps him figure out a way to transition back into a man. Right after his surgery, Quagmire rushes in to punch him.


I was quite worried going into this episode that it would feel very transphobic, but it really wasn't any more offensive than it usually is. This was actually one of the funniest episodes of the whole season, even if there wasn't enough Stewie in it. While they aren't as great as Angela (RIP), Peter's bosses were both really funny in this episode, and I'm excited to see more of them in the coming weeks. Even though it wasn't a perfect episode, there were more laugh out loud funny moments this week than in a lot of recent episodes, and I thought that the premise of the episode felt very much in-character for Peter. Nothing about it felt unnatural, which was another concern I had going into it. The ending of the episode, with Quagmire punching Peter after he became a man again, was absolutely perfect and so, so fitting for this show.

Score: 8/10
Grade: B

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