American Housewife Season 3 Episode 11 Review

American Housewife is back after a (far too) lengthy break. I've missed the Otto family these past few, but I'm glad to have them back for this Little Shop of Horrors-inspired episode.

Taylor is officially playing Audrey in Little Shop of Horrors, because the original actress vandalized a teacher's car. Anna-Kat is trying to figure out a sound for a radio contest, which Oliver agrees to help. Greg is excited to be doing taxes, and he wants Katie's help. Katie wants to hire an accountant, but Greg doesn't want to. Tripp tells Taylor that the original lead is claiming to be innocent, and he thinks that Pierce vandalized the car. Taylor doesn't want to hear it, and blows Tripp off again. Anna-Kat incorrectly guesses the noise, despite Oliver pushing for a different guess, and they decide to compete against each other. The next day, Katie has Greg take the kids to school, and calls someone to do their taxes while he's gone.

Katie reveals that she had an accountant do their taxes, but Greg feels hurt by this and decides that he can change anything that bothers him, just like Katie did to him. This starts with an earlier wakeup time for all of the Ottos. Taylor overhears Pierce talking about his master plan to win her over. She tells Tripp that he was right all along, but it's too late to give the original lead her role back. She also apologizes for not listening, but Tripp doesn't want her back. Katie points out things Greg does that drive her crazy, and he does the same thing in return.

Katie and Greg are now angry at one another, but they have bigger problems. Namely, Taylor, who needs advice on getting Tripp back. The whole family puts their differences aside to help her. They get Tripp to the school auditorium for the musical, and Oliver gets help sabotaging Pierce. They use an altered version of one of the musical's biggest musical numbers, Suddenly Seymour, to help Taylor get Tripp back. Tripp forgives her, and they get back together. Katie and Greg also forgive one another. With the help of fellow musical attendees, Anna-Kat discovers what the sound from the contest is, but other people also catch on.


This was one of the best episodes of American Housewife of the season. While it wasn't quite as strong as the midseason finale, it was still a very fun episode that had tons of funny moments throughout. As a big fan of the movie, I loved the frequent use of Little Shop of Horrors references during the episode, and I especially enjoyed that the musical itself played a big part in the plot. Suddenly Seymour is my favorite song from Little Shop of Horrors, so I loved seeing it used to help resolve a major storyline from the season. I'm also so glad to see Taylor and Tripp back together, they're just perfect together. Katie and Greg's spat was really funny this time around, and it got just the right amount of screen time. Any more time devoted to it and it could have gotten annoying, and any less time may have made the storyline pointless. Anna-Kat and Oliver's storyline was also pretty cute, and it's pretty funny how similar it was to a recent Brooklyn Nine-Nine plot. I think this show did it a bit better, but it was my least-favorite part of the episode.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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