Man With a Plan Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Man With a Plan returned last week with a strong but unexceptional episode that put Lowell into the spotlight. This week, the focus returns fully to Adam and Andi, who have yet another fight, this time caused by a disagreement at work.

Andi is celebrating her one week anniversary of working at Burns Brothers, and she's celebrating by showing the guys her designs for the house they're working on. This leads to a disagreement between Andi and Adam over tiles, and Andi gets upset and leaves.

Andi's still upset the next day, and Adam thinks she needs to learn to accept no for an answer. Don, however, thinks Adam should try saying "yeah, maybe" instead of outright saying no, and Adam actually thinks it's a good idea (even a broken clock is right twice a day). Andi talks to Lowell and Marcy. Marcy tells her to use sex to get what she wants, and she tries that later that night. Adam catches on immediately, but uses Don's trick on her. Unfortunately for Adam, Andi takes "yeah, maybe" as a form of approval, and she orders the tiles.

Adam asks Don to be the one to put his foot down on the tiles, and he agrees. However, Andi suspects that Adam put him up to it, and she gets a confirmation a minute later. She then manipulates Don into siding with her. They confront Adam, and he tells him her real problem is hearing the word no. Adam tells Andi he's sticking to his guns, and she says the same. That night, Adam tells Andi that he wants Andi to choose whether she wants to be in control at work or at home. She chooses home, and they finally stop fighting. The next day, Lowell tells Adam and Andi that he's moving back to his apartment.


I enjoyed this episode, but it did feel similar to many previous episodes. I feel like almost every episode pits Adam and Andi against one another. They're a married couple, and it's natural that they'd have arguments from time to time, but arguments between the two of them has been the focus of far too many recent episodes. It's made the show feel predictable and a bit stale, even if I do still look forward to the show each week and find it very funny. I would love to see them shake things up, and give more screen time to the supporting characters like Don, Joe and Marcy. This episode did have some strong moments, though. Andi's insistence that Adam loves the tricycle painting and their later discussion about it was the highlight of the episode. Don's piece of advice for Adam and his talk with Andi were both hilarious moments, and Don was the true MVP of this episode. It probably would have been a better episode if it focused more on Don and less on Adam and Andi, even if it was pretty fun (but forgettable) as it aired.

Score: 7.5/10
Grade: B-

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