FOX Renew/Cancel: Left Without An In-House Studio, FOX May Clean House

Welcome to a special edition of FOX Renew/Cancel, with a substitute writer. Here are the predictions for which scripted shows FOX will renew and which ones they will cancel by May 2019. The shows are listed from most to least likely to be renewed. For example, I predict that Bob’s Burgers is safer than Last Man Standing, and that The Resident is safer than The Passage. Here are the full predictions, along with a discussion of some key ones. Let me know what you think of them in the comments below!

The Simpsons
Bob’s Burgers
Family Guy

Last Man Standing

The Cool Kids

The Resident
The Orville
The Gifted
Lethal Weapon
The Passage


The Passage
The Passage premiered recently to solid numbers, and still isn’t doing that bad. In fact, if this was last season I would predict it to be a pretty safe renewal. But with Disney buying out FOX’s in-house production company, The Passage is about to become an unowned production, and I can’t find much of a reason to keep it around if they plan on canceling a lot of shows. Every other show in the ‘Likely to be Canceled’ category has at least something other than ratings going for it. Star has the Lee Daniels tie and could serve as a solid bridge show for Empire should the latter get renewed. The Resident appears to have its own audience that doesn’t intend on leaving the show any time soon based on its stability. The Orville has Seth MacFarlane attached to it, and if FOX wants to keep him around they could renew this. The Gifted could be offered at a low licensing fee if Disney wants a Marvel show on broadcast. Lethal Weapon could be sold into syndication with the movie franchise tie-in, so Warner Brothers could be incentived to lower the licensing fees to the point where it makes sense for FOX to keep it. And while I think it’s more likely than not that all those shows are getting canceled, The Passage doesn’t seem to have any extraneous factors going for it.

The Cool Kids
The Cool Kids retains well from Last Man Standing’s ratings, and on a Friday nonetheless. It is also almost certainly one of their less-expensive shows being a multi-cam comedy. I think a cancelation would be unjust for the show, but still something of a possibility if FOX doesn’t expand comedy hours next season.

As has been in the news, Rel co-created Kevin Barnett passed away suddenly at the age of 32 from complications from pancreatitis. I’ll end this article by saying Rest In Peace to him. He is certainly missed by many.

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