The Good Place S2E10 Review

Last week's episode of The Good Place left me asking "what now?" The show did not make it clear what was next for the series by not presenting any immediate dangers for the main characters. So, I went into this episode having no idea where it would go.

S2E10 "Best Self"

The first half of the episode deals with the four humans trying to be the best versions of themselves so they can enter a balloon that will take them to the real good place. This creates potential for some great exploration of the characters' feelings, and we get a little bit of that with Chidi and Eleanor, as they both worry that a previous version of themselves in rebooted versions. However, it is revealed that there is no real point to this, as Michael has been lying to them. He has no idea how they can get into the good place.

Because of this revelation, the group feels hopeless. There doesn't seem to be any direction for them to go in. So, at Eleanor's suggestion, they spend the night getting drunk. While for the most part this seems to be the series wasting some time, there are some enjoyable moments here. Jason has some funny lines as he reflects on some things from his life, while Tahani reflects on how she would normally go to a manager when things weren't going her way. I also really enjoyed when Janet butted in with her "not a robot" and "not a girl" and when she didn't give a speech. D'Arcy Carden's delivery is always delightful.

As the group sits around at the end of the night in defeat, Tahani comes up with an idea. She asks Michael if they can go to a "manager" in the form of a judge that Michael had mentioned. It turns out that this is possible, but extremely risky and unlikely to succeed. They of course decide to go for it. Everyone says goodbye to the neighborhood. I wonder if we will ever see it again, it doesn't seem like it based on where the story is headed. This is interesting, since it has been such a big part of the show so far. Now The Good Place is heading into very new territory, and I'm really excited to see how this goes and what this season is leading to.

I had issues with the first half of the episode being so focused on a test to get to the good place that turned out to be meaningless, but otherwise the episode was great. It was funny, did a little bit with Eleanor and Chidi's relationship, and sent the show in a direction that's exciting.

Score: 9/10

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