Mom S5E9 Review

Bonnie's brother Ray didn't stay away from Mom for long. In this week's episode, Bonnie and Adam have to come to his rescue. Ray isn't the only one with issues this week; Christy also faces something major.

S5E9 "Teenage Vampires and a White Russian"

At the start of the episode, Christy is fired, but she refuses to accept it. This refusal is really entertaining, as she performs her job despite her manager telling her that she is fired. I love when she tells Bonnie that she was fired but "it didn't stick." She keeps returning to the restaurant, and the entertainment continues. I especially loved the line "See, she called me waitress, customer is always right." The resolution here, however, seems to come too easily, as Christy turns out to have had a trick up her sleeve the whole time, she has dirt on the restaurant.

Adam reveals to Bonnie and Christy that Ray called him and needs him to bail him out of jail. Ray didn't want them to know, but they insist on coming along anyway. Bonnie wants Ray to get sober and come to AA meetings, but he doesn't want to do AA. Adam lets Ray stay with him, but Ray ends up getting high on cocaine and Adam kicks him out. Bonnie struggles with what to do, and she goes to Marjorie. This leads to a really sincere moment, where Marjorie tells Bonnie she has to let Ray figure this out on her own.

Christy's story provided most of the funny this week. While Bonnie had a couple of good comedic moments, she shined in her sincere parts of the episode. I wish that the Bonnie parts of the episode were funnier, and I wish that Christy's story had a better resolution, but otherwise I enjoyed the episode.

Score: 7.5/10

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