Modern Family S9E11 Review

In this week's episode, Claire wants to put a she shed in her backyard, Cam finds out something that he didn't know about his family, and Joe turns out to be great at golfing.

S9E11 "He Said, She Shed"

Claire wants to put a she shed in the backyard, but the homeowners association turns her down. This makes Claire angry, and she goes pretty crazy, as she sometimes does, though it is a bit over-the-top. Luke reveals to Phil that he is responsible for the rejection, and it's funny when he reveals that he thinks that he and Phil have a signal. Phil tries to stop Claire before she embarrasses herself, which I feel like he has done before, but he is too late. Phil runs home, and it's pretty funny when he thinks that Claire is right behind him. Luke covers for Phil, which also feels like something that has been done before, but it works, and in the end the guys get the batting cage they wanted, but Claire uses it a lot.

Cam discovers that his childhood wasn't as perfect as he remembers it to be while he is preparing to have a bunch of girls that Lily is trying to impress over. The whole salon part of the story is pointless. It leads to a couple of joke opportunities, but story-wise there was no need for it. Mitch takes Cam to his therapist, but there Cam works out his issues without needing any help. This is unrealistic, but it's funny when Mitch gets annoyed by this.

Jay decides to have Joe try golf, and he turns out to be great at it. As Jay would, he pushes Joe, and puts him in a competition. There are also some funny moments where he tells Manny not to eat or drink certain things because they are for Joe. In a lot of ways, this reminds me of the season one episode "En Garde" when Jay was excited about how good Manny was at fencing. However, this story is different enough that it doesn't feel like it's copying that episode, it just feels true to Jay's character. In the end, the pressure ends up being too much for Joe and he lashes out. This conclusion is quite funny, and I really like how entertaining Joe is being now.

Jay and Joe had the best story of the night, and while the other stories had issues, they weren't anything too severe, and they had their funny moments. For a Modern Family season 9 episode, this was a stronger one.

Score: 7/10

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