Binge Report: Black Mirror Dominates + A Surprising Entry Over The Holidays

The below Binge Report has been provided to us by TV Time. Analysis is our own. You can check out the TV Time app and start tracking your favorite shows hereYou can view ratings for all broadcast TV shows by clicking here. You can also view cable ratings by clicking here

This Binge Report follows the famous week between Christmas and New Years Eve where many Americans take time off from work, and needless to say it led to some interesting results. Classic sitcom Friends entered the list at #6, with an average of 10.75 episodes streamed per viewer. It’s insane to see how popular this show is nearly 14 years after its series finale, and raises questions about how a revival would do. The new season of Netflix’s Black Mirror premiered at the top spot with an average of 3.46 episodes per viewer. While this could just be my perception, it seems like the show is at its peak in popularity right now. Even the second season of Stranger Things, which has been out for several weeks now, rose up three spots to #3.

On the broadcast TV side of things, Grey’s Anatomy managed to rise four spots to #4 despite increased competition and the fact that it’s been several weeks since the most recent episode aired. It appeared that the long-running medical drama is still gaining new fans at a significant rate. This week wasn’t as kind to other currently-airing broadcast shows; Riverdale tumbled down to #7 after spending the pre-holiday week at #1, and it was The CW’s only entry on the chart. The Big Bang Theory was down five spots to #9, and other typical broadcast entries like Lucifer were missing entirely. Similarly bad news came for AMC’s The Walking Dead, which fell eight spots to #10. 

An impressive entry to this list is Pretty Little Liars, which aired its final episode in June 2017. Not only was it the 8th most streamed show amongst TV Time users, but it also averages over 8 episodes per viewer, which is much higher than the typical 1-4 episodes expected on a different Binge Report. Time will tell if this is a sign that Pretty Little Liars will enjoy a successful TV afterlife, but so far its prospects are good. 

Other, more typical findings on this week’s Binge Report are Netflix’s DARK and The History Channel’s Vikings, which respectively saw two and one spot jumps.

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