Marietta Season 6 Episode 7 - The Schuyler Sisters

Marietta Season 6, Episode 7
The Schuyler Sisters

Patty Lynn: Don’t you worry, we will watch Sarah for you, she won’t get into any trouble!

Sarah: I still don’t understand why I need to be watched. I’m an adult!

Kathleen: You haven’t begun acting like one.

Sarah: That’s not true.

Marietta: Yeah, it’s not true. She has the mouth of an adult! She sure seems to think she runs the place!

Sarah: Are you just going to make fun of me before you leave for a week?

Marietta: It seems like fun to me!

Sarah: You’re the mayor, I think you should worry more about who you put in charge of the city.

Marietta: The city won’t burn down if I’m out of town for a week. Just in case, though, I have Amy. Moira and Marissa will probably also try to work their ways in there. The city will be just fine. You, on the other hand, need supervision.

Martin: She’ll have it in spades! It’s going to be like prison!

Marietta: Good! Now, I gotta get out of here, Tammy’s waiting for me at the airport. If you need anything, give me a call, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. I can’t wait for our girls’ week on Cape Cod!

Kathleen: Tell Kate and Ellie we said hi and that we’re mad at them for not inviting us.

Marietta: You and mom always go on trips without us, we figured we could do one without the whole family.

Patty Lynn: Oh, so it was your idea to leave us behind?

Sarah: Ooh, big mistake admitting that!

Marietta: Tammy’s not even taking Mitch, it’s not a big deal. Can I go now?

Patty Lynn: Not until you promise to go on vacation with the whole family soon.

Marietta: I promise…

Patty Lynn: All right, go and have your fun. Don’t forget about us!

Marietta: I’ll be gone a week.

Kathleen: To be fair, she does start to forget about some of you when we’re gone a week.

Marietta: Which of us? Tammy?

Kathleen: We’ll say that.

Patty Lynn: I say ONE time that I only have one child, she never lets me live it down…

Marietta: Please tell me it was Milton.

Kathleen: We’ll say that.

Four hours later…

Marietta: Tammy, why is it snowing out?

Tammy: Do I look like Mother Nature? I don’t know!

Marietta: I asked a question, Tamara.

Tammy: That’s not my name and you know that damn well!

Marietta: Tammy Ethel Yarborough, that’s your name.

Tammy: Don’t say “Ethel” like that, it’s a beautiful name!

Marietta: If you’re Lucy Ricardo’s friend, sure.

Tammy: This is why I don’t tell people my middle name.

Marietta: It’s available on Wikipedia.

Tammy: You’re driving me nuts.

Marietta: Why is it snowing?

Tammy: I don’t know! Let me read my book!

Marietta: I knew I should’ve brought Amy along.

Tammy: Don’t even go there.

Marietta; She wouldn’t brush my concerns aside.

Tammy: Because you’re both southerners. You aren’t used to snow. I’m from New York, it’s second-nature to me.

Marietta: Where are we, then?

Tammy: I don’t know! I’m not flying the plane!

Pilot: This is your captain speaking.

Marietta: You summoned him!

Tammy: I fear I am more powerful than I ever suspected.

Pilot: Unexpected weather conditions have made flying too dangerous. We will be making an emergency landing at the nearest airport in Elmira, New York.

Marietta: You’re the New York expert. Where the hell’s that?

Tammy: Not in Massachusetts, that’s where.

Marietta: Did you not get enough sleep last night? What’s with the ‘tude?

Tammy: I hate planes. Now we have to land in the middle of nowhere!

Marietta: The middle of your home state!

Tammy: Yeah, some secluded hellhole in my home state! I just want to get to meet our friends in Cape Cod so we can relax!

Marietta: I didn’t make it snow, Tammy. Don’t take it out on me!

Tammy: I know you didn’t. I’m just exhausted. Now we have to find some place to stay, or at least some place top wait out this snowstorm.

Marietta: We’ll be okay. We can sleep at the airport if it takes all night.

Tammy: We’re finding a hotel.

Marietta: That works, too.

Tammy: I’m going to take a nap until this plane lands. I feel like I’m going to need it.

Marietta: Ah! Turbulence!

Tammy: Don’t mess with me like that.

Marietta: Like what?

Tammy: Lying about turbulence! I’m in a fragile state so as it is.

Marietta: I won’t do it again.

Tammy: Promise?

Marietta: Promise.

Tammy: Thank you.

Marietta: Turbulence!

Tammy: You…

One hour later…

Tammy: Okay, so the lady at the desk said that flights for today are fully canceled, they aren’t leaving at all.

Marietta: You know, I’m starting to think maybe a trip to Cape Cod in mid-November may’ve been a bad idea.

Tammy: Ellie said it’s the optimal time!

Marietta: She drinks. Far too much.

Tammy: It’s a problem.

Marietta: So we have to find a hotel, right?

Tammy: Yeah, well all the hotels in Elmira are booked up. They said that there should be rooms available in Watkins Glen.

Marietta: Where is that?

Tammy: It’s a half-hour drive up north.

Marietta: Can we do that in the snow?

Tammy: We’ll have to, unless you want to sleep on the floor.

Marietta: What if we Uber?

Tammy: You really want to subject someone else to us?

Marietta: Good point. That wouldn’t be fair at all.

Tammy: Let’s hurry and go rent a car before they’re all gone. We’re not going to be Steve Martin in Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Marietta: All we’ll need to do is catch an Amtrak and we will sort of be him.

Tammy: Let’s avoid that. We want to get there this week, not next.

Marietta: Then ask Mother Nature to stop the snow.

One hour later…

Tammy: Oh my god, finally we get out of here. I feel like we were just in hell!

Marietta: We were.

Tammy: Airports are basically hell on earth, you’re right.

Marietta’s phone rings.

Tammy: Who is that? Whoever it is, they probably think we’re dead.

Marietta: I wish we were dead.

Tammy: Don’t say that!

Marietta: It’s Ellie.

Tammy: Okay, now I do sort of wish we were dead. She’s gonna flip!

Marietta: I’m answering. Be on your best behavior.

Tammy: No promises, it’s been a long day.

Marietta answers the phone.

Ellie: What’s going on? I heard about a storm over New York? Kate said there were flights canceled when she was at the airport.

Marietta: I’m not sure what the problem is, everything’s normal here. Tammy and I emergency landed in the middle of New York and it took us an hour to get a car rental and we now have to drive out into the snow to find a hotel to stay in overnight. That’s how it was all supposed to go, no?

Ellie: So it’s going about as badly as it could, good to hear.

Marietta: We’re trying to get there as soon as possible, I promise.

Ellie: I should let Kate know. She’s sort of still at the airport waiting for the two of you.

Marietta: She didn’t catch on by now?

Ellie: She’s very loyal, she’s like an Akita.

Marietta: I feel bad.

Ellie: Don’t, it’s not great here anyway. It’s raining.

Tammy: You have our condolences, that sounds truly apocalyptic.

Ellie: Don’t get sassy, Tammy!

Tammy: You don’t know what real bad weather is like, Ellie! Rain is nothing!

Ellie: I live in Massachusetts, I work in DC. Snow and I are familiar with one another. I’ll see you guys soon, it won’t last.

Tammy: Oh my god!

Ellie: What? I don’t think I said anything too b-

Tammy: This car!

Ellie: What’s wrong?

Marietta: Sorry, Ellie, I have to pick Tammy up off the ground.

Tammy: It’s the size of a roller skate! What’s the manufacturer on this thing, Hot Wheels?

Ellie: Freakin’ Democrats!

Tammy: You know that’s you, right?

Ellie: I was being facetious, Tammy.

Tammy: Don’t do that!

Marietta: Oh, I’m getting another call!

Ellie: That better be Kate, that way you can tell her what’s and I don’t have to! She always overreacts.

Tammy: And you never do?

Ellie: No.

Marietta: It is Kate!

Tammy: Can you put her on speakerphone so you can help me cram our luggage into this miniature car? I can’t do this myself, you’re the Tetris queen.

Marietta: All right, fine.

Ellie: Am I being hung up on?

Marietta: See you soon!

Ellie: That’s a y-

Twenty minutes later…

Marietta: Kate, I really have to go. We’re leaving the parking garage now.

Kate: Just now? Weren’t you -

Marietta: Someone had to pee.

Tammy: By “someone,” she means her!

Kate: Is that why you put me on with Tammy? You told me you had t-

Marietta: That’s not important. What’s important is that we have to get to shelter, and I can’t do thrust while we’re on the phone. See you soon!

Tammy: Is that how you hang up on people now?

Marietta: Sure is!

Kate: Bye, I guess!

Marietta: Oh, man, that was a hassle.

Tammy: You did’t hang up yet.

Marietta: Sorry, Kate! It’s been a long day!

Thirty minutes later…

Marietta: “Now entering Schuyler County” where is that?

Tammy: We’re in the right place!

Marietta: Thank god, I feel lost. It’s bad out here!

Tammy: They don’t cancel flights for a light dusting!

Marietta: Where are we even going again?

Tammy: Just follow the GPS.

Marietta: What if we just sleep in the car? I’m tired.

Tammy: You should’ve let me drive.

Marietta: That wouldn’t have been any better.

Tammy: At least I know where we are!

Marietta: I know where we are. Schuyler County!

Tammy: Work! Work! Angelica!

Marietta: Are you malfunctioning?

Tammy: Work! Work! Eliza!

Marietta: What the hell are you doing?

Tammy: It’s from Hamilton!

Marietta: I never saw it.

Tammy: Yes you did, when we were at your parents’ place for Christmas a few years ago!

Marietta: The I forgot about it. Either way, why are you singing it?

Tammy: It’s the Schuyler Sisters! We’re in Schuyler County! In a way, we’re kind of Schuyler Sisters of our own.

Marietta: Sure.

Tammy: I will never be satisfied, but at least I’m not helpless like you are.

Marietta: I think that’s a reference, I don’t know. Either way, I’m keeping my eyes on the road and just praying we can get the hell off the road and in a cozy bed.

Tammy: Marietta, it’s six PM.

Marietta: It’s been a long day. You’re said the same.

Tammy: I know, I’m just not going to crawl straight into bed. I have convictions. I can’t sleep before nine, my moral compass won’t allow it.

Marietta: It’s getting weird in here.

Tammy: It’s been.

One hour later…

Marietta: Thank god, hotel number three marked the spot!

Tammy: This has been traumatic. I’ll never smile again when I see snow.

Marietta: I don’t know why you ever liked it.

Tammy: I was younger and more naive. It won’t happen again.

Marietta: Are we leaving our luggage in the car or what? We just need a change of clothes for one night.

Tammy: I don’t care. I just want to go up to the room and watch TV. Maybe Hamilton, since we are in -

Marietta: Knock it off.

Tammy: I’ll just listen to it on Spiffy.

Marietta: Spiffy?

Tammy: The music app.

Marietta: Spotify.

Tammy: That’s not a word.

Marietta: Ugh.

Marietta’s phone rings and she answers.

Marietta: What?

Amy: What’s with that tone?

Patty Lynn: Are you dead? Is she dead?

Marietta: My god, what’s going on?

Patty Lynn: She’s dead, isn’t she?

Kathleen: You literally hear her voice. She is not dead!

Patty Lynn: A miracle!

Marietta: Amy, why is my family there?

Amy: They were worried and came to see me. They interrupted my evening tea.

Patty Lynn: You’re the acting mayor, I turned to the person with authority! I’m very concerned about my child, that’s normal!

Kathleen: Nothing about this is normal.

Tammy: There was a snowstorm, we -

Patty Lynn: Oh my god!

Tammy: Why is she so loud?

Kathleen: Right? I thought I was the only one who noticed!

Marietta: Anyway, we had an emergency landing and we’re somewhere in New York -

Tammy: Watkins Glen!

Marietta: We’re hoping to fly into Boston tomorrow.

Patty Lynn: Why didn’t you call me? I was so worried!

Marietta: It’s been a stressful day.

Kathleen: Not only for you!

Marietta: How is Sarah?

Kathleen: She’s mocking your mother, so it’s been great.

Patty Lynn: She’s a work in progress, but I love her to bits either way!

Marietta: That’s what I say about Tammy!

Tammy: Sticks and stones!

Marietta: I’m getting ready for bed, we have a long day ahead of us again. It’s been so nice talking with you and letting you know we’re alive. Talk soon!

The next morning…

Tammy: Marietta…

Marietta: What?

Tammy: How the hell were you still asleep? You went to bed so early!

Marietta: I’ve just been relaxing, and trying to avoid seeing the verdict on whether we’re going to be able to fly today.

Tammy: We’re all good! Our flight’s at eleven!

Marietta: Oh my god! We have to get out of here!

Tammy: Yeah, hence me waking you up.

Marietta: I was a bitch last night, sorry about that.

Tammy: So was I. We really need this vacation.

Marietta: Thank god we’re finally escaping the cold and getting to the tropical paradise of Cape Cod.

Tammy: What the hell was going through our minds?

Marietta: We’re never letting Ellie pick our vacation spot ever again.

Tammy: Who goes on vacation in their own home state, anyway? Freak!

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