50 Worst Shows of the 21st Century : 46th-50th Most Insulting TV Shows

Welcome to Worst Shows of the 21st Century, where we expose and count down the shows which networks and streamers violated viewers.  Almost all genres are present as misguided networks believed viewers would devour garbage.  And they wonder why people are tuning out yearly.  Starting this list are terrible reality TV series featuring oversharing and a couple horrid sitcoms.  This is the first of 10 articles counting down to the worst so grab your pitchforks and torches and be ready to hack and burn these awful shows to pieces.

50. Sex Box, WE tv (2015)

They say sex sells, but who's brilliant idea was it to broadcast one's naked ass on television?  The series was a copy of the famous British series, but America's version lacks sexiness.  And some things are best not shared as they lose their specialty.  WE tv believed they could score easy ratings like a virgin scoring in a whorehouse.  The problem lies in everyone was to do the nasty in the box, and other contestants make comments.  Sorry folks, but this is, uninvited.

Celebrities such as Pamela Anderson, Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton gained notoriety for sex tapes being released, so the dunderheads at WE tv believed this was an easy sell.  The problem is exposing this act on TV was dated to the 1990's and 2000's which at the time was shocking.  Flash forward to 2015, and viewers smelled a bad sexual episode, which most people try to move on and forget.  In the future WE tv, tell your "stars" to keep their pants on as anyone can get laid.

49. True Tori, Lifetime (2014)

Speaking of overexposed...

Tori Spelling's marriage to Dean McDermott hit the skids.  Her solution?  Air out their troubles on television.  Sitting through these episodes was as painful as sitting through a dinner party as another couple holds the room hostage with their arguing.  Tori should have gotten the memo it is called REALITY TV.  The problem is Tori hardly lives in a reality most viewers know.

The privileged daughter of TV pioneer Aaron Spelling, she's always been accustomed to a pricy lifestyle, even when she has no money and bleeds her marriage into debt.  Instead of continuing to act which she had connections and knew the craft, Tori believes she can sell herself and her dirty laundry out for the public to stay relevant.  So much so she wrote a tell-all called Stori Telling.  While indeed a best-seller, she wrote it at the tender age of 36 and slammed former friend and costar Shannen Doherty.  The public sided with Doherty's priceless putdown as she remarked tell-all's are something one writes when the are old and their careers are over.  Viewers must have felt the same and avoided this trainwreck, instead just waiting for the divorce.  But just like this series, no one cared when that eventually happened.  And if one wishes to watch oversharing, they'll dial direct to the queen of it, Kelly Ripa, and watch her expose her marriage on Live With Kelly and Mark.

48. Raising Dad, WB (2001-02)

Bob Saget playing yet another widower with daughters?  Sorry but we already saw that from 1987-95 on Full House.  Unlike that wholesome mention, Raising Dad was the antithesis.  Saget desired to incorporate his crass humor into this series, right down to a tasteless twist as his late wife died sky diving.  Kat Dennings proved indeed she could act, but her character was hardly as likable as Saget's former TV daughters on Full House.  The series rated low for even jack knifing WB's standards and got thrown out of the same plane they killed the mother in.  Raising Dad could only muster 1.99M overall viewers, coming in 134th out of the 153 shows that season.  The full 2001-02 season's ratings can be viewed HERE.

47. Hidden Hills, NBC (2002)

If one cannot figure out what a sitcom is about, it's a safe presumption it was never a good one.  That is Hidden Hills, which sadly showed NBC was losing its touch with sitcoms as veteran heavyweights Friends, Frasier and Will & Grace began to age out.  Unlike fellow NBC hangout show Friends, no one could quite figure out why these couples were hanging out.  Or even if they had a breakout star to invest in.  The 2000's were not NBC's finest day, and irony would have it the 2002-03 season would be the one that resurging CBS snatched its 1st place title as it began a decade-long freefall.  Hidden Hills came in 55th Place with 6.54M viewers, disappointing for the ideal scheduling it had.  The full 2002-03 season ratings can be viewed HERE.

46. Being Bobby Brown, Bravo (2005)

As if witnessing Tori Spelling's failing marriage wasn't painful enough, washed up singer Bobby Brown and fading wife Whitney Houston pre-dated them on an embarrassing reality TV show which painted their worst.  Whitney Houston was a revered superstar in the 1980's and 1990's, but her career had faded by the 21st century due to personal turmoil.  Being Bobby Brown showed just how hard she was falling as it painted an unflattering portrait of how she was losing her grip on her career and sobriety.  Frequent fights and disjointed episodes left viewers wishing they'd remember both singers on a better day when their careers were prolific.  And once again, celebrities need to knock it off with the oversharing or viewers tune out and resent networks for airing garbage programming.

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