CBS Renew/Cancel Week 7: SEAL Team Reminds CBS Why They Moved It To Paramount+


Below is the table for Week 7 of CBS Renew/Cancel, followed by an analysis. This week, Lotería Loca makes from Certain Cancel to Canceled while Let’s Make A Deal Primetime enters as Leans Renew.

Lotería Loca

As suspected, Lotería Loca has been pulled from the schedule. This is something over half of poll respondents expected in an earlier edition of CBS Renew/Cancel, just one episode after its premiere. Lotería Loca is clearly a failed experiment for CBS, who is having trouble finding a new reality staple. Their youngest reality staple is The Amazing Race, which premiered in 2001. Survivor and Big Brother premiered the year before that, and The Price Is Right dates back to 1956 (1972 on CBS). Nothing else seems to be sticking. The Challenge: USA and perhaps Buddy Games are doing passable at best, but it’s hard to envision either having a long-term future at the network. Lotería Loca, for its part, joins a long list of short-lived reality shows on CBS. Getting pulled from the schedule proves that even during a strike, there is still some bar for how a show needs to perform to stay on the schedule.

SEAL Team was never that strong a player for CBS, which makes it rather surprising that it’s airing on the network in 2023 for any reason at all. However, if CBS wanted to air any Paramount+ originals, SEAL Team is a natural choice. Its ratings were at least passable on CBS, and it appears to have more of an audience on Paramount+ than other CBS imports like Evil.

When it returned this past week, SEAL Team could only muster a 0.17 Adults 18-49 Live + Same Day rating, which looks especially weak after Big Brother’s 0.51. It’s tough to see things getting any better either. Reruns of Ghosts rated 0.29 and 0.21 in the Mondays at 8 pm hour, perhaps a preview of what’s to come during the regularly scheduled Thursdays at 8:30 pm reruns. SEAL Team’s lead-in will soon be the original British version of Ghosts. At that point, even 0.17s for SEAL Team may be scarce. 

At this point, pretty much anyone who has wanted to watch the Season 5 premiere of SEAL Team has done so already. It aired on CBS over two years ago, and SEAL Team has now aired six seasons between CBS and Paramount+. Between SEAL Team and Yellowstone, CBS has not had luck rerunning shows from other Paramount outlets. Perhaps their fortunes will change with NCIS: Sydney, but as it looks right now, CBS is in for a long winter. 

Let’s Make A Deal Primetime
Let’s Make A Deal Primetime disappointed in its return, getting a 0.23 Adults 18-49 Live + Same Day rating in prelims. There’s a pretty solid chance this show won’t get an official renewal or cancelation announcement, but rather just pop up on the schedule depending on needs. It’s presumably cheap and easy to produce, making it a more desirable option to return than something like Raid The Cage. That’s not to say it’s doing well or that it’s likely to make a fall schedule that doesn’t involve a strike anytime soon. 

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