Marietta Season 6 Episode 6 - Dream a Little Dream of Me

Marietta Season 6, Episode 6
Dream a Little Dream of Me

Marietta storms into her office.

Amy: Marietta? What are you doing here?

Marietta: Me? It’s my office! What are you doing here?

Amy: Just burning the midnight oil.

Marietta: Why, though? It’s eight o’clock, the rest of us left work four hours ago.

Amy: Not everyone is as hard of a worker as me.

Marietta: No, seriously. What are you still doing here?

Amy: Because I’m a hard worker!

Marietta: Stop pulling my leg!

Amy: I enjoy working, it reduces stress. I was just finishing up with my l What are you doing here?

Marietta: My family.

Amy: Say no more.

Marietta: They’re just s-

Amy: I said say no more! I’m here to relieve stress, not stress about your family.

Marietta: So I finally find someone to vent to and she doesn’t want to hear it. Great.

Amy: You have five minutes, and then I’m leaving.

Marietta: All I need! So my mother, in her infinite wisdom, starts berating me at dinner.

Amy: What did you do?

Marietta: Nothing.

Amy: Are you being truthful with me?

Marietta: Yes!

Amy: I don’t think you are.

Marietta: You think my mother needs a reason to get upset with me?

Amy: I think you are minimizing what happened to make yourself look a little better.

Marietta: I don’t need to plead my case before you, you’re not Judge Judy.

Amy: If you’re gonna vent, do it honestly.

Marietta: Okay, I may have not done something that mom asked, and then I may have told her she was being stupid for getting upset that I didn’t do it, and then she called me disrespectful.

Amy: Are you sixty or sixteen?

Marietta: Are you insinuating that I’m childish?

Amy: Yes!

Marietta: That was uncalled for.

Amy: What was it that she asked you to do?

Marietta: Pick up a ham from the store.

Amy: So you ignored her request to get her food to make and then insulted her? Yeah, I see why she’s mad.

Marietta: I said I’d get it tomorrow morning, I just forgot to get it because it was a long day. I also may have insinuated that she should get it herself because she didn’t have anywhere to be all day.

Amy: Oh, geez. You’re done for.

Marietta: Sarah sure seemed to think so, she sided with mom.

Amy: That would make sense. Your mother was clearly in the right.

Marietta: You’re my friend, you’re supposed to take my side.

Amy: This is such a dumb thing to argue about at all. How are you even still mad about this?

Marietta: You weren’t there, there was lots of yelling.

Amy: Surely my five minutes have to be up.

Marietta: You don’t have any suggestions for how I can fix this?

Amy: No.

Marietta: I appreciate the bluntness.

Amy: I think you should call Tammy.

Marietta: She’s having a date night with Mitch.

Amy: Then I hope you can figure it out yourself. Goodnight.

Marietta: Wait! Is there anything I can work on to pass the time?

Amy: There are papers on the desk, you can look over them, make sure you like how everything is worded.

Marietta: Sounds like a plan.

Amy: I don’t know how long you plan on being here, but make sure you turn the lights off before you go.

Marietta: Oh, I’m sleeping here tonight.

Amy: What? Why?

Marietta: In case Sarah goes home. I don’t want to see her.

Amy: You are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.

Marietta: Thank you!

Two hours later…

Marietta: All right, Marietta, it’s time for you to lay down. I don’t know why I’m talking to myself. I guess I’m just used to having someone to talk to! Either way, it’s time to get some shuteye, Tammy and Amy will be here to annoy me before I know it!

Thirty minutes later…

Milton: Marietta!

Marietta: What?

Milton: My god, I thought I’d never reach you.

Marietta: What do you mean?

Milton: On the phone.

Marietta: Oh, right. I didn’t even notice I was on the phone.

Milton: Are you okay?

Marietta: Just a little tired, or drunk, I don’t know.

Milton: I have bad news.

Marietta: When don’t you?

Milton: I’m being serious.

Marietta: So am I

Milton: Something’s wrong with mom.

Marietta: I’d say there’s a lot wrong with mom. What specifically do you mean, though?

Milton: Dad and aunt Kathleen found her in the living room, she wasn’t breathing. They called an ambulance but we don’t know what’s up.

Marietta: Excuse me?

Milton: Did you not hear me?

Marietta: I’m just in disbelief.

Milton: I know. It’s a lot to take in. Just come to the hospital, we’ll hopefully find something out soon.

Marietta: I’ll be right there.

Marietta rushes to the hospital.

Marietta: Wow, that felt really quick.

Milton: Finally, you’re here!

Marietta: What do you mean “finally?” I practically clicked my hears and appeared here!

Milton: You said you were coming two hours ago!

Marietta: That’s just not true.

Martin: Oh, my god!

Kathleen: Don’t hug her! She did this!

Martin: She did not.

Kathleen: She stressed her out, got her panicked every day, now look at her.

Martin: She wouldn’t want finger-pointing.

Marietta: Someone fill me in here!

Milton: I already told you.

Marietta: You said she was being taken to the hospital, I said I’d come, and I’m here. I know nothing else, you all seem to know more than me.

Milton: We spoke an hour ago, when you said you were in traffic. Mom died, Marietta.

Marietta: You’re lying!

Kathleen: Don’t make a scene!

Marietta: I just found out my mother is dead! I’ll make a scene if I want!

Kathleen: You’ve known for an hour, why are you acting like you didn’t know?

Marietta: I did not know!

Kathleen: I’ll pretend I believe that.

Marietta: Why does no one believe me? I’m not lying about this! Why would I lie? Can you all just let me grieve?

Milton: You need to breathe, you’re drawing attention.

Marietta: I don’t care! Why am I the only one upset?

Martin: We’re all upset.

Marietta: You all seem more interested with dragging me down! I suppose you all grieved in those two hours I took to arrive and now you’ve moved on?

Milton: We all process things differently.

Marietta: I’ll say! Where is she, can I see her?

Martin: It was over an hour ago, they took her to the morgue.

Marietta: The morgue? She’ll be furious!

Milton: Not a good time to be quoting Death Becomes Her.

Marietta: We all process things differently!

Kathleen: Martin, she’s unhinged. I know she has to feel guilt, but this is ridiculous.

Marietta: My mother died! I get to be unhinged!

Martin: Marietta, let’s just sit down, breathe, relax, it’ll all be okay.

Marietta: Indeed time to spiral, okay?

Marietta wakes up.

Marietta: What the hell was that? And what time is it? Not even midnight? Are you kidding? I gotta stop talking to myself, too. I’m too used to having someone around to yell at.

One hour later…

Tammy: Marietta!

Marietta: My god, what? Is it morning already?

Tammy: There’s been, uh, an accident.

Marietta: What happened? Is it my mom?

Tammy: No!

Henrietta: There was an explosion at the waterfront during a community outreach event, we don’t know how many people were killed or what caused it.

Marietta: Are you serious?

Henrietta: Unfortunately.

Marietta: Where’s Amy?

Tammy: Amy?

Marietta: Amy.

Tammy: Who is Amy?

Marietta: You’re pulling my leg.

Tammy: Do you mean Amy Applewhite? The woman that ran against you in 2019?

Marietta: Uh, yeah,

Tammy: She moved away after she lost. She took that loss hard. Then again, I don’t know how you couldn’t after such a landslide loss. Why are you asking for her, though?

Marietta: No reason. Do we have a speech prepared?

Tammy: Henrietta has it handled. We need to do that and then get to the scene immediately, the victims have to know they have our support.

Marietta: I can’t believe this is happening. It doesn’t feel real.

Marietta wakes up.

Marietta: I guess it wasn’t real. That was a weird one. Why was Amy gone, that’s not something I fear? I’d love that! Okay, I gotta stop talking to myself and get some shuteye, it’s not even one in the morning yet I have a lot of sleep to cram in.

Two hours later…

Milton: Finally I reached you!

Marietta: What’s going on?

Milton: I need your divorce attorney’s number.

Marietta: What?

Milton: Yeah, it’s not working out. We gave it a good run.

Marietta: Are you kidding me?

Milton: Why would I lie about getting a divorce?

Marietta: I don’t know! You have a weird mind!

Milton: Please don’t insult me in this troublesome time.

Marietta: What happened?

Milton: She got tired of me, she left me.

Marietta: Oh my god! I’ll give her a piece of my mind when I see her!

Milton: Don’t. Don’t embarrass yourself.

Marietta: Embarrass myself? I’m so well-spoken, I’d wipe the floor with her.

Milton: Don’t talk about her like that.

Marietta: Why are you protecting her? She broke your heart!

Milton: I can still make this work.

Marietta: My god, get real.

Milton: Mom says so!

Marietta: Mom says a lot.

Marietta wakes up.

Tammy: My god! Marietta! It’s eight o’clock!

Marietta: Are you real?

Tammy: Huh?

Henrietta: She’s sleepy, give her some time.

Tammy: She’s overslept so as it is, it’s time to get to work. Did you come in early just to nape? And what are you doing wearing your clothes from yesterday?

Amy: She came here last night to hide out from her family and work a little to get their fight off her mind. I told her it was dumb.

Tammy: I don’t really care about that, we have a meeting at nine!

Marietta: I have to go talk to my mom! Side note, Amy, I’m so glad you didn’t move away!

Amy: Huh?

Marietta: I’ll explain later. Tammy, I don’t know who the meeting is with, but you guys stall them until I get back.

Henrietta: I just learned how to do the Wednesday dance, I can distract them with that.

Amy: I beg of you not to.

Henrietta: I’m doing it.

Amy: Ah, no one’s ever gonna take us seriously.

At Martin and Patty Lynn’s…

Martin: Wow, honey, it’s early! Kathleen’s not even up yet.

Sarah: I am! Grandma made me go to bed before Big Brother was even on last night, because you left me here and I don’t have a key to the house! I don’t even know who went home! And I woke ups at six! Six!

Martin: Felicia got eliminated. It was horrible.

Sarah: Thanks for ruining that, grandpa.

Marietta: Okay, we gotta get you a key. But I have to talk to mom.

Patty Lynn: I’m right here.

Marietta: I’m so sorry, mom! I can’t let you die before I apologize.

Patty Lynn: What?

Marietta: I had several nightmares last night. Two of them unrelated to anything, just really weird. One of them was about you dying, it was terrible. I don’t want to be mad at you anymore. I brought ham!

Patty Lynn: Aww, that’s sweet! I’m still confused about… all of this, but I accept the apology. It was a dumb argument, I know you do respect me and love me, and I am glad you brought ham.

Kathleen: Oh, not first thing in the morning. I’m going back to bed.

Patty Lynn: We’re not arguing anymore.

Kathleen: Thank god. That was annoying.

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