Thursday TV Ratings 7/27/23: The Prank Panel Slips in Thursday Move, Generation Gap Also Down, Children Ruin Everything Repeats Match Original Airings (UPDATED)

Ratings Analysis: ABC's 'The Prank Panel' (0.31, -0.03) was down by three-hundredths in its move to Thursdays at 9, but the series was fairly close behind its 'Generation Gap' lead-in (0.36, -0.05). At 10, a rerun of 'Shark Tank' (0.19) topped its hour. CBS got decent mileage out of repeats of 'Ghosts' (0.24) and 'The Price Is Right At Night' (0.26), but 'So Help Me Todd' (0.13) fell off a cliff from there. NBC went with encores of 'Password' (0.24) and 'Law & Order: SVU' (0.17/0.17). Fox had repeat showings of 'Alert' (0.15) and 'Stars on Mars' (0.09). The CW reran 'Son of a Critch' (0.04/0.04) and 'Children Ruin Everything' (0.04/0.04).

Finals Update: 'Generation Gap' (+0.1) and the repeat of 'The Price Is Right At Night' (+0.1) adjusted up.



18-49 Rating

18-49 Share

Viewers (mil)


8 PMGeneration Gap0.3653.26ABC

Ghosts (R)0.2432.91CBS

Password (R)0.2432.02NBC

Alert: Missing Persons Unit (R)0.1520.86Fox

Son of a Critch (R)0.0410.30The CW
8:30 PMSon of a Critch (R)0.0410.27The CW
9 PMThe Prank Panel0.3141.98ABC

The Price Is Right At Night (R)0.2632.75CBS

Law & Order: SVU (R)0.1721.88NBC

Stars on Mars (R)0.0910.41Fox

Children Ruin Everything (R)0.0410.22The CW
9:30 PMChildren Ruin Everything (R)0.0410.21The CW
10 PMShark Tank (R)0.1931.41ABC

Law & Order: SVU (R)0.1721.84NBC

So Help Me Todd (R)0.1321.78CBS
(R) = repeat

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