The TV Ratings Guide Is Looking For New Contributors


If you are interested in writing for The TV Ratings Guide, we are now accepting applications for new contributors. We are primarily looking for contributors to write articles in one or more of the following article series. Click on the article series title to find examples of past articles. We ask that all articles be at least 400 words. 

Beyond The TV Grave: Shows that were canceled after less than 50 episodes

Do Not Resuscitate: Shows that arguably should not be considered for a revival series.

Hit Shows That Got Off To A Slow Start: Shows that eventually turned into hits, but started out modest. 

Retro Recommendations: Personal recommendations of old series to watch.

Spinoff Stories: Shows which spawned new shows, backdoor pilots, continuations, and reboots.

Two Hits And A Flop: Three shows with a certain similarity, and why two were hits but the other flopped. 

While we primarily focus on U.S. television series, shows covered can also come from other countries. Below is the form to fill out an application:

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