All American Removed From Revised CW Fall 2023 Schedule


Credit: The CW

The CW has released a revised version of their previously-announced fall 2023 schedule. The schedule benches All American and 61st Street, originally meant to air on Mondays in the fall. Walker, All American: Homecoming, and Superman vs Lois will also remain on the bench until 2024. 

Here is The CW’s updated schedule:

8-Son of a Critch (Continued from July 24 premiere)
8:30-Run the Burbs (Continued from July 31 premiere)
9-Children Ruin Everything (Continued from July 24 premiere)
9:30-Everyone Else Burns (Premieres October 16)

8-Inside The NFL (Premieres September 5)
9-The Swarm (Premieres September 5)/Whose Line Is It Anyway? (Premieres November 14)

8-Sullivan’s Crossing (Premieres October 4)
9-The Spencer Sisters (Premieres October 4)

8-FBoy Island (Premieres October 12)

8-Penn & Tellerr: Fool Us (Premieres October 20)
9-Inside The NFL (Rerun) (Premieres October 20)

8-Masters of Illusion (Premieres October 28)
9-World’s Funniest Animals (Premieres October 28)

Source: Deadline

What do you think of this schedule? When do you think scripted originals like All American will premiere? Do you think there will be any further revisions before the season premieres? Let us know in the comments!

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