Peacock Renew/Cancel: Bupkis Given Plenty of Exposure


Welcome to Peacock Renew/Cancel, featuring predictions for every non-miniseries scripted original yet to be renewed or canceled by Peacock. The predictions are made using a variety of factors, including how easy it is to find the show on Peacock, as well as how long it has been since the show has last aired. Following the table is an analysis explaining the predictions. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Mrs. Davis 
It's hard to explore Peacock without noticing the presence of Mrs. Davis. Their most recent drama original, Mrs. Davis is off to a strong start in that aspect. It also currently ranks as the #3 Popular Search, indicating its status as a breakout hit for Peacock.

There are two reasons why Mrs. Davis isn't labeled as Certain Renew. First, it is a rather surprising hit. Sure, there was a bidding war for the show, but it is not based on an existing property, something that oftentimes helps in getting shows renewed. Second, it is owned by Warner Bros, meaning Peacock only has domestic rights to stream the show; HBO Max/Max has international rights. Finally, as a limited series, it would need to be retooled in its hypothetical second season. While the first season certainly warrants a renewal for a second, these factors bump it down to Leans Renew.

Bupkis is arguably the most high-profile show yet to be renewed or canceled by Peacock. Starring Pete Davidson, Edie Falco, and Joe Pesci, and featuring multiple celebrity cameos, Bupkis has star power matched by very few other Peacock originals. 

Bupkis is featured an astounding 6 times on the home page, and 3 additional times on the Peacock Originals page. The two appearances on the TV Shows page is comparatively low, but arguably outweighed by how prominently featured it is elsewhere. It is also currently the #5 most popular search on Peacock, demonstrating organic interest in the show as well. 

It wouldn't be surprising to see Bupkis renewed in the near future. The only thing that can complicate a renewal right now, and is the reason why it is in the Likely Renew category, is the busy schedules of the series' stars outside of the show. Given the mixed reception to the series, Peacock may also be waiting to see if there is a drop-off in viewership in the coming days. 

The Calling 
The Calling does not have all that much going for it. It's now been over half a year since the 8-episode first season was made available for streaming all at once, with no signs of a renewal in sight. It still deserves a less pessimistic prediction than the other shows predicted to be canceled. Its 3 appearances on the TV Shows page is rather promising, but being shut out of the other two pages certainly is not. While a renewal is not out of the question, it's not something to bet on. 

The Resort 
The Resort hasn’t had a new episode available to stream since September 1, 2022. Currently, it has minimal presence on Peacock, featured once on the TV Shows page and once more in the Peacock Originals section. While it’s not being shut out completely, its outlook looks even worse than that of The Calling. This leads to its Likely Cancel prediction. 

Curious George 
Curious George's 15th season was made available on March 17, 2022. Over 14 months later, there is still no Season 16 in sight. As a children's cartoon, Curious George can realistically return after a lengthy hiatus. However, the fact Peacock hasn't renewed it yet speaks volumes about how valuable the show is to them. It can only be found once in the Peacock Originals sections, and not at all in the Featured Page or the TV Shows page. At the time, the outlook simply is not looking well for Curious George. 

Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem 
Days of Our Lives was renewed earlier this year, a correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide. Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, on the other hand, does not look to be much of a strong performer for Peacock. It's aired two seasons of five episodes each, both of which were before Days of Our Lives moved to Peacock. If anything, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem was likely created to test if there was any interest in the Days of Our Lives title on Peacock. Now that Days of Our Lives has moved to Peacock and secured a two-season renewal, Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem serves little purpose. It is displayed once in the Peacock Originals section, and nowhere in the Featured page or TV Shows page. While it's possible Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem could come back to fill in for a hypothetical short Days of Our Lives hiatus, the series looks most likely to not return for a third season. 

What Do JustWatch Users Think?
If you’re not aware, JustWatch is a website where you can keep track of all the shows and movies you watch. They publish Top 10 lists of what their 10 million monthly users are watching, and also allow you to sort by network and streaming service to find the most popular shows among JustWatch users on those given services. Here is their current rankings for Peacock originals from users who use Peacock Premium (i.e. paying customers of Peacock, arguably the most important ones to a service who recently shut down their free with ads tier for new users):

Interestingly, this is mostly in line with what one would suspect simply from looking at how prominently a show is featured on Peacock, as well as how long it’s been since it last aired. Since Peacock does not reveal exact viewing data, this is what gives us a glimpse into which shows can be classified as popular. 

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