Frances in the Kitchen Season 4 Episode 8 - Traitor in the Kitchen

Frances in the Kitchen Season 4 Episode 8
Traitor in the Kitchen

Frances is on the set of Frances in the Kitchen when Lauren walks in.

Jane: Hey, look, it’s Lauren!

Beverly: And… she just talked during our shot and ruined it.

Frances: Is that not what makes TV magical?

Marcia: Just think, Bev, this is the girl who you wanted back so desperately last week after she missed one day of work.

Beverly: What was I thinking?

Jane: Are you talking about me?
Marcia: No, dear, we’re talking about Kathie Lee Gifford. No, of course we’re talking about you!Beverly: All good things!

Frances: So, Lauren, they’re all caught up in their own thing to notice you’re actually here, but I’m not. What are you doing here? I’ll rephrase that: Why are you subjecting yourself to this?

Lauren: Can we talk privately?

Frances: Who died? Or are you pregnant? Oh, god, I don’t know which is worse.

Lauren: I would prefer to say it in private.

Marcia: Does that include us or…?

Lauren: Fine, I’ll just say it. You’ll all find out from aunt Frances anyway, might as well bite the bullet. I just lost my job.

Frances: No! You were doing so well and you were so happy, what happened?

Marcia: Did they catch you stealing? It’s happened to me, too.

Beverly: Elaborate.

Marcia: Not on this job! I’d never steal.

Frances: Don’t worry, Bev. I’ll start locking the drawers up.

Lauren: The company is downsizing, and they had to let people go. Sadly, the last ones hired are the first to go, and the includes me.

Frances: That’s a bunch of bull! Cut the ones with the big salaries, not the little guys who need the money!

Marcia: Did you just advocate for your own firing if this company has to downsize?

Frances: I think I may have, yes.

Lauren: The thing is, I’m not mad at them for letting me go first. I get it, I would never expect them to keep me over people that’ve been there for years. I’m just upset that I finally get a good job here, I feel like I’m being productive, and it’s gone in an instant. I feel so defeated.

Frances: Look at it this way: no more night shifts!

Jane: People work at night?

Marcia: Pretty crazy, huh? Especially since someone people I know don’t even work during the day!

Lauren: I do know one thing, and it’s that I have to get myself out there and find a new job fast. I have a little bit saved, but not nearly enough cover my rent and utilities for more than month or two.

Frances: Honey, you rent from me. Don’t worry about it, I’d never be able to take money from you knowing you’re struggling. And I certainly wouldn’t ever throw you out! That would just mean you have to move in with your parents, and I can’t do that to you.

Lauren: Oh no! I just realized I have to tell them! Mom’s gonna lose it.

Frances: Your mother is very reasonab- ha! Sorry, couldn’t get that one out. Your parents will understand that this wasn’t your fault. You can’t be blamed for working for a downsizing company. Nothing you did brought this on.

Lauren: Logic has never been their strong suit. How am I going to explain any of this to a couple of emotional rollercoasters?

Frances: I’m going to have dinner at my place tonight, you’ll tell them then. If they don’t understand it, I’ll back you up.

Lauren: That’s really kind of you, I’d appreciate that greatly.

Frances: It’s no problem, I love cooking for people.

Jane: I’m in!

Marcia: Yeah, me too!

Beverly: I am not, because I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that the invite did not include us.

Frances: Lauren, would you mind if they came?

Lauren: We all know how annoying they’ll be if they don’t get to come. Go ahead and let them.

Marcia: You know us too well!

Lauren: Well, I appreciate all of you being someone to bounce my thoughts off of, I won’t bug you any longer here, I know you all want to get to filming.

Marcia: Oh, that. Don’t worry, none of us want to do that. We’ve heard more than our fair share of crepe recipes, we don’t need here to go over it again.

Jane: What’s a crepe?

Frances: See, I told you it’s been long enough to do it again!

Lauren: All right, I’ll see you all tonight, you enjoy your crepes!

Beverly: Do you want me to bring anything?

Frances: Oh, you’re coming now?

Beverly: Well, it they’re invited…

Frances: Bring some booze, please, might loosen Louise up a bit.

Lauren walks off the set and is stopped by DeAnna in the parking lot.

DeAnna: Hey! You’re Frances’ niece, aren’t you?

Lauren: That’s what they tell me.

DeAnna: I’m DeAnna Clifton. We’ve met before, but -

Lauren: I’m fully aware of who you are. I don’t think I’m allowed to talk to you.

DeAnna: Don’t believe everything you hear from people. Your aunt and I get along just fine.

Lauren: Didn’t she hit you with a car?

DeAnna: For legal purposes, I hate to tell you that that's water under the bridge.

Lauren: I’m going to get going, nice to catch up with you, keep it weird.

DeAnna: Wait!

Lauren: Are you going to mug me?

DeAnna: Why would I do that to my future employee?

Lauren: Do you have me confused with someone else?

DeAnna: Look, I was about to walk into Frances’ studio to talk with her and I overheard what you were saying. My production assistant just left a few weeks ago after having a baby, and she just told me she’s not coming back. Wants to be a stay-at-home some for a while, I hear. I know you’ve been lightly involved in production on your aunt’s show, I think you’d be a great fit.

Lauren: Are you sure? Like, really sure?

DeAnna: Of course I’m sure. I see someone who needs help, I help. It’s who I am.

Lauren: Normally I’d think this over, but I really am desperate for a job, I need to make ends meet. I’ll take it.

DeAnna: Ah, that’s great! I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Lauren: I have one question, though.

DeAnna: No takesies-backsies!

Lauren: I won’t have to cook, right? I’m not very good at it.

DeAnna: No cooking required, that’ll stay my gig.

Lauren: Then I’ll definitely take the job. I appreciate it.

DeAnna: I appreciate being able to do this for you. Knowing the joy it will bring your family is payment enough for me.

Later that night, at Frances’ house…

Greg: Doorbell! Wonder who that is!

Frances: No one we actually want to see, I know that much.

Greg opens the door.

Louise: Well, it’s about time! You invite me over for dinner at the last minute and then make us stand out here waiting! It’s -

Jimmy: Lovely to see all of you.

Frances: See, Greg. I was right. No one wanted to see her!

Louise: I’m an invited guest, so clearly someone wanted to see me!

Lauren: That’d be me?

Louise: They’re letting you invite people now? They never let me invite people over when I lived here!

Frances: Yes, because I like her, and she pays me money.

Louise: Money, money, money, it’s just like ABBA says.

Frances: What’s that supposed to mean?

Louise: You like her because she pays you, you just said it.

Frances: No, I like her because she’s nice to me and doesn’t seemingly go out of her way to antagonize me.

Louise: That’s our dynamic! It’s playful!

Frances: Greg, entertain them while I finish up in the kitchen. I have to get this done before everyone else arrives, I can’t leave all of them for you to deal with alone.

Greg: I don’t even know if I can handle Louise.

Louise: Oh my god, man up, man! We lived together for years, you have nothing to be afraid of!

Greg: I was afraid of you then, too.

Lauren: Mom, just dial the abrasiveness down a bit.

Louise: Wow! This is how you all treat an invited guest?

Frances: Yes, now sit there and wait for me to bring out the crudités.

One hour later…

Beverly: Frances, this lasagna is to die for.

Marcia: Yeah, why don’t you make anything this good on the show?

Frances: I’ll keep it in mind.

Jane: I thought those cookies she made today were really good!

Marcia: Jane, those were Pepperidge Farm.

Jane: I don’t care what the name of the recipe is, she still made them.

Marcia: Is there ANY brain activity up there?

Jane: Up where?

Beverly: Give the kid a break, it’s not like they were still in the bag or anything.

Marcia: They were! I remember, because I finished the bag myself!

Beverly: Oy…

Frances: Why were you all eating bagged Pepperidge Farm when I made molasses cookies today?

Marcia: I think you answered your own question.

Jimmy: I love your molasses cookies!  They’re grandma’s recipe, right?

Frances: Yes, they are. Marcia just insulted my whole family tree.

Lauren: Speaking of our family tree, I have something really important I wanted to share.

Frances: Good segue, very natural!

Lauren: I -

Louise: Are you getting married? I’m very concerned that he would propose before meeting us, but I am willing to consider supporting the nuptials if  he apologizes profusely enough.

Lauren: I’m not getting married.

Jimmy: You’ll get ‘em next time, kid!

Lauren: I got fired today.

Louise: You WHAT?

Frances: Honey, explain to her how this is not your fault.

Louise: Frances knew? You told her first?

Jane: I also knew!

Louise: I feel woozy.

Lauren: I didn’t mean anything my telling them before you. I just needed people to vent to and I was worried about how you’d react. I knew they wouldn’t judge.

Louise: You think I judge you?

Jimmy: How did you lose your job?

Lauren: The company was downsizing and they had to let people go.

Louise: And they thought my daughter was expendable? They’ll be hearing from me!

Lauren: They let go of the most recent 15% of hires, that included me. They didn’t make any exceptions.

Louise: The greed in this country just makes me sick. No one even values a good employee anymore.

Lauren: It’s okay, I found a new job?

Frances: You did? News to me.

Greg: The fact that she was fired was news to all of us, at least you knew that before we did.

Frances: You have a big mouth, Greg, I knew you would’ve let it spill before Lauren was ready.

Greg: I do not!

Marcia: You do.

Jane: I’ve been told I have an abnormally large mouth. I can fit my fist in my mouth.

Marcia: That’s great, Jane. Care to show us?

Frances: Don’t do that.

Jimmy: Where is this new job that you found so quickly? I respect the hustle, we all know how long it took me to find a new job.

Frances: Several hundred years.

Lauren: I’m going to be a production assistant on Cooking with DeAnna.

Frances: Ha! Good one!

Lauren: No, I’m serious. DeAnna offered me a job and I took it.

Frances: Out! Get out of my house!

Greg: No, no, do not go. We just need to sit down and relax for a minute and cooler heads will prevail.

Frances: She’s a traitor! She’s betrayed me and my honor!

Marcia: Suddenly, I am so glad we came.

Jane: Is she talking about the DeAnna we know?

Beverly: Yes!

Jane: Wow, no wonder Frances is losing her mind, DeAnna is awful!

Frances: Even Jane can see it!

Lauren: She told me your feud was overblown.

Frances: You believed her over me? When have I ever seen a single kind word about her?

Lauren: I just wanted to find a new job, and one was set in my lap. I didn’t see any plausible reason to turn it down.

Louise: I’m proud of you! Gotta get back on your feet, life is too cruel to worry about who is employing you, just make sure you’re employed.

Frances: She is my biggest rival, she’s screwed me out of jobs, stabbed me in the back countless times. She only hired her to hurt me.

Louise: The world doesn’t revolve around you. It’s a mere coincidence.

Frances: It is not!

Louise: Is it so hard to think maybe DeAnna is just impressed with Lauren’s resume?

Frances: DeAnna doesnt’ care about that, she runs on spite. Lauren, don’t take the job. She’ll throw you out like trash once she’s done with you.

Lauren: I need to take it in order to pay you.

Frances: You won’t have to worry about paying me if you take the job.

Jimmy: What are you saying?

Frances: I’m telling her how much she hurt me and she’s still taking it. I can’t have her living here after such a betrayal.

Jimmy: You’re going too far now. You’ll let a dumb feud with DeAnna come between family? You’re letting her win!

Lauren: I didn’t mean to hur-

Frances: Fine, you can stay. But for now, you’re just a tenant. I can’t trust you. Don’t come in my house, don’t ride along with me to work, we’re not close like that anymore. This dinner is over, I’m going to bed.

Marcia: It’s six o’clo-

Beverly: Time to go before she fires us, hurry up.

That night, in bed…

Greg: That was harsh.

Frances: I’ve been in bed for over an hour, how did you know I was still awake?

Greg: Because Wheel of Fortune hasn’t even aired yet. This is not an hour where you are ever asleep.

Frances: I’m not happy with all that has gone on tonight, I just want to escape from it in my dreams.

Greg: She’s your niece, and she’s just trying to make ends meet. Jimmy’s right, this is just another attempt by DeAnna to mess with your life. Don’t let her win.

Frances: How do I accept her betrayal?

Greg: It’s not a betrayal! She’s not siding with Deanna - just accepting payment from her in exchange for employment on a television show.

Frances: Now you’re making me question myself. I don’t like that!

Greg: It’s what I do best.

Frances: Let me just lay in here in silence and contemplate.

Greg: Will do. Goodnight, my love.

Frances: Yeah, yeah, yeah, you’re a pain in my ass.

The next morning, on the studio lot…

DeAnna: Frances! You’ve brought me flowers!

Frances: Screw off. Where is Lauren?

Lauren: I’m right here, Ms. Conner.

Frances: Oh, Jesus, I’m your aunt Frances.

Lauren: You sure?

Frances: I’m sorry, kid. I shouldn’t have lashed out at your like that. I don’t approve of your choice of employment, but it’s none of my business. It’s not my life to live. All I want is for you to find success.

Lauren: I appreciate that, and I’m sorry for hurting you.

Frances: Keep the job, you’ve earned it. This is not going to change anything, this isn’t going to split us. I wish you luck, and I wish you success. Knock ‘em dead. Start with DeAnna.

Lauren: I’m going to try.

Frances: We’re carpooling tomorrow, by the way. It’s best for the planet.

Lauren: Wouldn’t have it any other way!

Frances: DeAnna, always great to see you! Treat her well, or I’ll break your arm. 

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