Paramount+ Renew/Cancel: Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head Starts Its Second Season Solidly


Welcome to the latest edition of Paramount+ Renew/Cancel. Since the last edition, Fatal Attraction and Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head join the predictions table. The methodology for these predictions involves taking into consideration a show’s rank in the Popular Shows page, as well as how many times the show can be found on Paramount+’s home screen (not counting the top slider). Other factors taken into consideration include how long it has been since the show last aired. This table is updated through May 14, 2023. 

Fatal Attraction
Of all the shows in this table, Rabbit Hole and Fatal Attraction are the only ones that truly look like hits. Fatal Attraction premiered on April 30 and so far has aired four episodes. It currently ranks at #1 with 3 home page appearances. Time will tell if Fatal Attraction’s position holds as the weeks go on, but this is certainly a promising start. It enters the chart as Likely Renew, which could change depending on how it holds in the coming weeks.

Rabbit Hole
Since the last edition of Paramount+ Renew/Cancel, Rabbit Hole has transformed into a breakout hit. It is now consistently ranked near or even at the top when sorting shows by Popular; as of this writing, it is at #3. With the first season having just concluded, it would be imaginable Paramount+ will announce a decision sooner rather than later. It gets bumped up to Likely Renew due to its high ranking and solid prominence on the home page. 

Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head
This Beavis and Butt-Head revival is a solid hit according to the Popular section; ranked at #29, it is performing well but there is also room for improvement. Still, Paramount+ is light on adult animation right now, and they seem to be supportive of the series. Additionally, unlike many other shows, expenses likely won’t get in the way of a renewal, as animated comedies are usually on the cheaper side to produce. It is placed in Likely Renew for now. Like with Fatal Attraction, this could change if interest in the series appears to fade over time. 

Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies
For a relatively high-profile show, Grease: Rise of the Pink Ladies really is not doing well. Despite still in the process of airing its first season, it is all the way down to #41 in the Popular Shows list. It’s still being promoted as much as any other currently-airing show, which is a promising sign. However, it’s tough to imagine this is how Paramount envisioned a Grease series performing. It gets downgraded in this column to Leans Renew. 

School Spirits
School Spirits aired its season finale on April 13. While it ranked better on the Popular Shows list when it was airing, School Spirits is still holding up solidly given it is no longer airing new episodes. Additionally, the fact the show is still visible on the home page is also a solid sign. While it’s not a great sign that School Spirits hasn’t been renewed yet, these factors indicate there is still a fair chance of a renewal happening. As such, it remains in the Leans Renew category.   

Mayor of Kingstown
Mayor of Kingstown remains a solid player for Paramount+ several weeks after its March 19 season finale, at #15 on the Popular Shows list. Paramount+ also seems to still be behind the show, allowing users three chances to find it on the home page. Ultimately, my prediction is a renewal will hinge on star Jeremy Renner’s injury recovery timeline.  

Wolf Pack
It has now been roughly two months since the first season of Wolf Pack finished airing. Now down to #83 on the Popular Shows list, Wolf Pack is below almost every other show yet to have a decision announced. It also is not featured prominently on the home page, with just one place to find it. Between the falling rank and the decrease in promotion, combined with how long it’s been since it last aired, Wolf Pack gets downgraded to Likely Cancel in this column. 

The Game
The Paramount+ revival of The Game last aired on February 9, and Paramount+ does not appear to be in any rush to renew it. By this point, it has completely fallen out of the Popular Shows list, meaning it’s below #120. It’s also nowhere to be found on the home page, making it harder for viewers to find the show. It gets downgraded to Certain Cancel in this column, as the show no longer has any factors going its way.  

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