The Winchesters Canceled by The CW

The CW's return to the world of Supernatural will be short-lived, as The Winchesters has been canceled after a single season. The series, a prequel to the long-running Supernatural that featured Meg Donnelly and Drake Rodger as the parents of Sam and Dean Winchester, debuted less than two years after the series finale of its parent series. It was one of multiple attempts to get a spinoff of Supernatural off the ground, and the only one to ever make it to air. Supernatural actor Jensen Ackles returned to the franchise as a narrator on the series. Despite its connection to a beloved series, the show never made much of a connection with audiences, with just a 0.07 average that was far from the heights of Supernatural. The network also didn't seem to know just what to do with the show, moving tit from 8 PM to 9 PM and then back to 8 PM over the course of just 13 episodes, at point point airing the show after repeats of itself. This is a correct prediction for The TV Ratings Guide. 

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