Ghosts Hooking Up: Meet CBS ’ New Franchise


In response to FOX reviving Ghosted, ABC piggybacking on the trend with Not Dead Yet and Grey's Anatomy Spinoff Ghost's Anatomy, CBS is aggressively fighting back and has cloned its inspired sitcom Ghosts with a hyper-sexual spinoff, Ghosts Hooking Up.  Who woulda thunkit, HettyWhitestone (Rebecca Wisocky) sat on the washing machine to quiet the spin cycle and enjoying the ride would catalyze romance and a sexual appetite.  CBS has picked up the pilot which will feature Wisocky and her ghostly cohorts visiting Woodstone Manor's former brothel on the grounds for romance.  Said brothel is run by Dolly Parton, reprising her 1982 role Mona Stangley from The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Wisocky and her fellow ghostly cohorts are slated to appear as Ghosts' large roster limits their appearances, so expect a lot of sex in the air for Woodstone Manor's beloved Ghosts.

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