An Ode To TV By The Numbers

As some of you may have seen, TV by the Numbers announced that it is shutting down. For those unaware, it is a website that primarily posts daily broadcast and cable TV ratings and makes renew/cancel predictions. In addition, it comes with a comment section where people can discuss the ratings.

TV by the Numbers was started in 2007, and it eventually became my starting point for understanding TV ratings. I learned a ton not just through the articles, but also through the comment section. It made the general public much more aware of that Adults 18-49 demo, the one that plays a much larger role in renewal/cancelation decisions than total viewers. By nature, it made anyone who visited more knowledgeable in TV ratings.

Without TV by the Numbers, I would never have had the knowledge nor the initiative to start The TV Ratings Guide. The creation of The TV Ratings Guide was inspired by TV by the Numbers, and many initial visitors and contributors to this site simultaneously gave their insights to the TV by the Numbers comment section.

I couldn’t be more grateful to TV by the Numbers, as it served as a huge inspiration in the online TV ratings community. While I haven’t visited there regularly recently, it will always be remembered as a place that pioneered a movement of websites written and created by TV ratings fans, for TV ratings fans.

Thank you TV by the Numbers.

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