Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 Episode 3 Review [’Pimemento’]

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Similar to the unconventional role he occupies in the series, Adrian Pimento has always had a peculiar place in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine universe. During the end of season three, Mantzoukas's character flirted with the idea of becoming part of the main cast, making frequent appearances where he was the main focus of the story. As the years went by, he visited the precinct less often and was essentially lost in the shuffle. Although this installment does not provide Pimento the ability to deviate from his signature zany behavior, it manages to function as a reassuring reminder that the underused and talented Mantzoukas can still fill an episode to the brim with sidesplitting outbursts and engaging exchanges.

Pimento abruptly finds his way to the 99th precinct in the central story and informs Jake & Charles that someone is out to kill him. While this topic has already been covered in a previous outing (season 3's 'Paranoia), the added element of Adrian suffering from amnesia immediately serves to differentiate this one from past adventures. Even if the new component manages to change things up, it felt oddly disheartening to witness Pimento in such a vulnerable state. Notwithstanding the fact that he has been unstable since day one, Mantzoukas has always played Pimento as someone who can effortlessly fend for himself. Because of his past resilience, seeing him even more unhinged than usual acted as a dismaying but realistic turn of events. Regardless, the gimmick of his memory constantly resetting still packed a punch in the comedy department. In addition, the reveal that Pimento's doctor (played by Jim Rash) was supplying pills to disrupt his train of thought made the dreary happenings of the first half a lot less dismal. While it may have been comical seeing Peralta and Boyle constantly remind a confused Pimento that he was trapped in a Finding Dory-esque situation, it's nice to know the memory loss was temporary and will not carry along with Adrian in future outings.

Intertwined with the main plot, Jake's fervent attempts to not mention to Boyle that he and Amy are trying to have a baby paired rather nicely with Pimento's arc. Although one can tell from a mile away that Boyle will find out and the two will eventually reconnect, the predictability of the story does not overshadow the delightful tidbits that emerge from this plot-line. In particular, Truglio portraying a devastated Charles Boyle made for some compelling scenes. In all, the only other fault that comes out of 'Pimemento' is that viewers never get to see Rosa meet up with her former boyfriend. Given that they almost tied the knot in the show's fourth season, it's surprising Brooklyn has not shown the two together in a while.

Over in the B-plot, the rest of the officers are stuck taking part in a Workplace Conflict seminar. The highlight of this story comes from the eruption of anger that transpires after Brad the seminar instructor gives the squad time to work out their issues. Ultimately, the mean-spirited jabs from Holt, Rosa, and the rest are humorous because tensions will likely disappear in subsequent episodes and no serious conflict will stem from their squabbles. Because of this, one can enjoy the chaos without having to worry that the strong bonds the characters hold will be broken by it.

'Pimemento' reintroduces the wild persona of Adrian Pimento without rehashing past stories involving the private investigator. His trademark traits remain on display and the writers end up seamlessly placing him back into the familiar environment of the Nine-Nine. The moment when Charles, Jake, and Pimento fear for their lives on the ledge emphasizes how close all three have grown with each other throughout the seasons. Even though his character is usually played for laughs, it's comforting to know Peralta still cares for the mentally scarred Adrian. If nothing else 'Pimemento' reiterates how tight-knit the cops at the Nine-Nine will always be with each other.

Stray Thoughts
  • Jim Rash and Jason Mantzoukas sharing a scene together served as a small Community reunion. For those unaware, Mantzoukas also appeared on that show.
  • While it's amusing that Pimento is a fan of The Masked Singer, the writers probably shouldn't promote the network that got their show canceled. 
  • After seven seasons, we finally know that Kelly is the name of Scully's wife AND dog. 
  •  I really want to hear Scully's podcast. 

Grade: A

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