Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 9: Setup Man

Lorenzo: Alright everyone, meet Harry. He’s a baseball star and is helping me make a snack menu.
Harry: I wouldn’t call myself a baseball star, Lorenzo knew me as ‘hot dog man’ in the bullpen last season.
Lorenzo: Yes, but I’m trying to hype up your credentials.
Harry: Then you probably should’ve mentioned I won an award 23 years ago for a snack bar I used to run outside of the ballpark.
Lorenzo: I never knew about that.
Madison: Let me interrupt for a second, is cotton candy not considered a snack?
Lorenzo: No, that’s on the dinner menu.
Madison: Are you aware most people don’t consider cotton candy to be dinner?
Lorenzo: I do.
Harry: Back to talking about snacks. We’re going to do the standard ones, like pretzels and chips.
Adam: That’s it?
Harry: What else did you want?
Adam: I don’t know, I figured it’d be a little more creative then that!
Sam: Keep in mind we already have way too many kinds of cotton candy as well as hot-dog flavored snacks. Lorenzo just considers those dinner.
Lincoln: Yeah and we still don’t know why.
Lorenzo: What do you think I am, a contestant on Bake Your Heart Out?
Lincoln: A contestant on what?
Reagan: I don’t know what he’s talking about either, just go with it.
Harry: I feel like I’m always losing track of this conversation. What I’ve wanted to say is the snack menu will be its own one-page menu, and not an addition to the original menu. Saves money.
Madison: Lorenzo, you need to save money?
Lorenzo: Not really, unless we don’t see a bump once baseball season starts.
Reagan: Do you think you will?
Lorenzo: Hopefully. But I realized we needed to expand our menu which is why I’ve consulted Harry to come up with the addition of pretzels and chips.
Adam: I’m pretty sure that’s gonna do nothing for business.
Harry: Are you questioning my abilities?
Adam: Kind of.
Harry: Yeah, can’t blame you.
Chase (walking in late): Does anyone have an extra shirt?
Reagan: OK what’s going on?
Lincoln: Oh I carry a bunch of extra shirts with me all the time!
Chase: Really?
Lincoln: No! And do I want to ask why yours is all ripped?
Chase: I got mugged.
Lorenzo: And then walked all the way here without changing?
Chase: Nope, I got mugged right outside the door.
Lorenzo: This is what happens when you keep using puns.
Chase: I didn’t even use any puns! I was about to walk in and I was being chased down! Oh. I see now.
Madison: Is this place not safe?
Chase: You might want to hire some extra security Lorenzo.
Lorenzo: I don’t know if I can even do that. Just...walk in with someone next time I guess. Why were you so late anyways?
Chase: Ironically, I couldn’t find a clean shirt. I’m gonna head back to my room, see you guys later.
Harry: Wow. Has that happened before Lorenzo?
Lorenzo: Nope.
Harry: What are you gonna do about it?
Lorenzo: Nothing I really can do.

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