FOX Renew/Cancel: Except for 9-1-1: Lone Star, Every Midseason Newbie is Likely to be Canceled

Welcome to a brand new installment of FOX Renew/Cancel. It's been a while, and many newbies have premiered. Here are the current predictions, as of February 18. 
Certain Renewal
Bob’s Burgers
Certain Renewal
Family Guy
Certain Renewal
9-1-1: Lone Star
Likely Renewal
Last Man Standing
Likely Renewal
Prodigal Son
Leans Renewal
The Resident
Leans Renewal
Likely Cancelation
Likely Cancelation
Likely Cancelation
The Moodys
Certain Cancelation
Almost Family
Bless the Harts
The Simpsons
Final Season
9-1-1: Lone Star: The 9-1-1 spinoff has managed to post decent numbers in the 8pm hour. Although later numbers are not quite as strong as the parent show, 9-1-1, the show has managed to remain comfortably among the top rated scripted shows on FOX. We're going to predict the show as a likely renewal, because FOX ultimately has bigger fish to fry, which is probably why I'm holding Prodigal Son in the leans renewal category (although this may not last long).

Deputy: Deputy ratings started out okay, but kept on falling and has now settled at a 0.5. This is only a plausible renewal number if this were an animated comedy. But this is a drama, and FOX has higher standards than this. FOX will be looking for space in next season, so Deputy is likely to be canceled.

Duncanville: If this aired in the fall, this would have a good chance of getting renewed for the Amy Poehler factor. However, Duncanville's 0.5 premiere leaves it little room to fall. Also, getting outrated by Bob's Burgers and Family Guy is not a great sign. It starts out in the likely cancelation category. The Great North is waiting from the bench.

Outmatched: Another post-Last Man Standing comedy is likely to get the ax. Outmatched's 0.5 rating brings out okay retention from Last Man Standing, but FOX has limited real estate on live action multi-cams. Remember The Cool Kids? It was averaging in the 0.6-0.7 range in the spring on Friday. It was canned due to space, and WWE's Friday Night SmackDown. Outmatched is no different. It's likely to be canceled.

Last Man Standing: Speaking of Last Man Standing, ratings are considerably down for the show this season. The revival hype has faded, and it has settled into 0.7-0.8 territory. Still somewhat solid for FOX, but this is an unowned comedy now that 21st Century Television is a Disney property. It's too late in its run to move back to ABC. But regardless, I think FOX will likely renew it for at least one more season. Maybe a trial run post Masked Singer could help. I don't know, but your guess is as good as mine.

What do you think about the current predictions? Sound off in the comments below!

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