TVRGO February 2020 News Day + Submit Your Show

It’s time for TVRGO’s monthly news update! Here are some series orders, renewals, and more news related to some of your favorite TVRGO shows.

TVRGO Comedy Reaction Challenge
For the first time ever, TVRGO is bringing you an interactive “challenge” that all comedies will be participating in. These are Network, Marietta, Bar Exam, Writer’s Block, Bake Your Heart Out, and Finally Back Home. Note that College will not be participating, as it is going on break until March 11 to match up its timeline with the actual dates.

Starting Sunday, February 16 with a new episode of Network and ending on Friday, February 21 with Finally Back Home, get ready for a friendly competition. To participate, read an episode and press on the ‘Funny’ reaction below the article. Whichever show gets the most ‘Funny’ reactions within 24 hours of the episode being posted wins, and will receive a full week of promotion on The TV Ratings Guide through the positioning of a banner on the right side of the page.

Series Orders
Three more new series are coming to TVRGO in 2020: Frances In The Kitchen, Let’s Get Presidential, and What In The World!

Frances In The Kitchen is a comedy and a spin-off of Bake Your Heart Out. It will follow the personal and professional life of Frances in the time before the events of Bake Your Heart Out. It will premiere in summer 2020.

Let’s Get Presidential is a miniseries comedy that follows Darnell, the multi-millionaire CEO of a successful startup who decides to run for President. He immediately gains mainstream support, but can he hold onto it? The six-episode miniseries will be released later in February 2020 (more below).

What In The World! is a comedy/drama in which after a strange apocalyptic event, a group of friends must learn to survive in a strange new world while also unraveling the mystery behind the world-ending event. The ten-episode series, written by Numb Humor Studios, will be released over the course of five weeks in summer 2020.

Submit Your Show
TVRGO is always looking for new shows. We are currently looking for both miniseries and traditional-length shows.

If you have an idea for a miniseries, email your idea for a series containing of around 6 episodes and one season. Once we approve, start writing the show and send it to us in its entirety, and we’ll post it to The TV Ratings Guide and the TVRGO website!

If you have an idea for a lengthier show (10+ episodes with the possibility of future seasons), email with your idea. Episodes can be written and posted on a weekly basis, meaning there is no need to have more than one episode written at a time.

We hope you submit your show!

Time Slot News
TVRGO is re-expanding to programming on seven days a week.

All 6 episodes of Let’s Get Presidential will premiere on the TVRGO website on Tuesday, February 18, which you can find by clicking on the TVRGO banner at the top of The TV Ratings Guide, or by typing in into your web browser. The episodes will then make their way to the front page of The TV Ratings Guide on Saturday, February 22.

Bar Exam will be moving to Saturdays on February 29 (leap year!). Writer’s Block will take over its Tuesday time slot on Tuesday, February 25. So in summary, in Eastern Time:

Midnight-Let’s Get Presidential (TVRGO website only)
8pm-Bar Exam (Tuesday finale)

8pm-Let’s Get Presidential (The TV Ratings Guide premiere)

8pm-Writer’s Block (Thursday finale)

8pm-Writer’s Block (Tuesday premiere)

8pm-Bar Exam (Saturday premiere)

More good news for Bake Your Heart Out fans: in addition to the Frances In The Kitchen series order, Bake Your Heart Out has been renewed for a second season to be posted in the summer.

Planet Z has been renewed for a third and final season, to be posted at an unspecified later date.

Season Finale News
The Season 2 finale of Planet Z will be posted on Wednesday, February 26.

What do you think of this new TVRGO news? Let us know in the comments section!

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