Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 8: The Violation

Lorenzo: Listen up everyone. I need your help.
Reagan: With what?
Lorenzo: The health inspectors came the other day and the results are out.
Lincoln: Care to elaborate?
Sam: I think he’s trying to get us to erase all documentation of the results.
Lorenzo: Not really, but I am trying to get you to fix the violation Lorenzo’s Kitchen got.
Chase: Let me guess, cotton candy?
Lorenzo: Actually no. They said the freezer is out of code.
Adam: What’s wrong with it?
Lorenzo: They said it’s too warm in there. By one degree.
Madison: Then fix it.
Lorenzo: I don’t know how.
Madison: You own and operate a bar and you don’t know how to change the temperature in the fridge?
Lorenzo: Nope.
Chase: Let me take a look at it. Where is it?
Lorenzo: That’s the thing. I don’t actually have a freezer.
Sam: How can it possibly be out of code then?
Lorenzo: Apparently the fridge is too cold.
Reagan: Wow. So all this so-called fresh food was frozen the whole time?
Lorenzo: That’s what I just learned.
Adam: Is that why it takes you forever to cook things?
Lorenzo: That’s what it seems. And here I was thinking I was inept!
Lincoln: You did lower the temperature of your fridge to that of a freezer, so I wouldn’t doubt that.
Lorenzo: Shut up! I mean, thank you for your input.
Chase: So about this exists right?
Lorenzo: It’s in the back, go look at it if you want.
Chase: OK, I’ll be right BACK. Get it?
Lincoln: We get it. It’s still not funny.
Adam: Anything else we can do to get Lorenzo’s Kitchen running good, I mean better, I mean—you know what I mean.
Lorenzo: There are some wipes in the bathroom, I guess you can do something with those.
Sam: Seriously?
Lorenzo: I’m getting to you! You, Reagan, Lincoln, and Madison can all be food testers. I’ll make food and you tell me what you think, free of charge.
Reagan: You mean...what we were here to do except with more food and no money involved? I’ll take it.
Lorenzo: Now that you say it that does sound kind of dumb...oh well, I’m a man of my words.
Madison: Great, I’ll take a hot chocolate.
Lincoln: Burger for me, any kind really except the one where it’s only shaped like a burger but it’s actually something else.
Sam: Just some fries for me. And I guess some tater tots. And a glass of water to drink. And also, a ginger ale but can you put some rum in it?
Reagan: And I’ll have the special.
Lorenzo: There is no special.
Reagan: There is now.
Lorenzo: OK, you’re having a box of crackers.
Reagan: Fair enough.
Lincoln: I have a question.
Lorenzo: I might have an answer depending on what the question is.
Lincoln: Why didn’t you just take our orders before Chase left and ask him to bring them back?
Chase (walking back): Fridge is fixed, but there wasn’t room for everything to fit so I took out stuff to make burgers, tater tots, stuff to make hot chocolate, potatoes that can be used for fries, and for some reason there was a bag of crackers in there too so I brought those. And also, a ginger ale and some rum.
Lincoln: I guess that takes care of that.
Lorenzo: How did you fix the fridge?
Chase: All I had to do is change the thermostat. I’ll show you if you want.
Lorenzo: No thanks.
Adam (returning): I wiped down the bathroom. Although that’s probably something that could’ve been done before the health inspection and not right after.
Lorenzo: Then it’s settled, I’m bad at running a business. I’m sure I’ll get better though.

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