1966-67 Ratings History

Written Flying the Bat Signal at ABC's Cooling Ratings by Bridger Cunningham (former TVRG Writer) 

Behold a rare treasure trove of illusive sitcom data.  As promised, TV Ratings Guide continues its ongoing efforts to deliver comprehensive ratings data as it becomes available.  Previously, data before 1984 was non-existent in a comprehensive table or list.  September 2, 2017 bulldozed that Nielsen wall, breaking into the 1983-84 data.  The overall Ratings History will follow shortly, but not before reporting another leading development in TVRG's ongoing ratings anthology series.  After thoroughly researching the internet for ratings, a Star Trek fan check site unveiled valuable data which resurrected a new chain of ratings to report, as they located valued Nielsen Rankings from the 30th-70th Nielsen rankings from an August 1967 article from American Television history.  When peering further, not only did this article possess the data from 1966-67, but also had 1964-66 data intact.  Nielsen ratings are not revealed, but ranks and shares are reported.  This finding, along with a listing of renewed and cancelled shows for the season, crafted enough data for TVRG to compose a Sitcom Scorecard and Ratings History for the year.  

Please note this data is incomplete, as ranks 1-31 have ratings points, ranks 30-70 have shares, and 71-101 have no data except seasons and status.  Given TVRG possesses the majority of the data, a Ratings History Card can be conceptually crafted.  
CBS emerged the victor for this season for a 12th consecutive run, NBC in 2nd and ABC losing ground in 3rd.  CBS dominated 60% of the top 20 shows, NBC 30% and ABC with 10%.  Ranking above 60th place gave television programming a higher chance for survival, with only 7 shows surviving the remaining 41 ranks.  Figure out if any of these television titles ring familiar, as this season broadcast more than 50 years ago. 

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Trending Hot -- CBS sitcoms proved to be the surviving staple folks recall more than half a century later.  Conversely, westerns were popular in the 50's and 60's and are only remembered via title.  Variety shows continued to proliferate all three flagships.  Law Enforcement shows such as Dragnet, Mission: Impossible, I Spy and Get Smart became popular staples in the lineup.  

Trending Tepid -- ABC sensations such as Peyton Place and Batman's duplicate showings cooled down this season after reigning prior years.  Science Fiction fantasy pieces fared with mixed results, including Star Trek which landed at 52nd place.  Movie evenings also experienced similar fortunes.  

Trending Cold -- Save for Get Smart, NBC sitcoms pitted the lineup with poor results.  Older shows from the 40's and 50's of all genres met their ending, particularly longstanding gameshows. 

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