2001-02 Ratings History

Written Surviving Fear Factors by Bridger Cunningham 

The afterglow of Survivor blazing two runs wore off, handing the first place Immunity idol over to NBC.  The torch still burned bright for reality TV, as the 2000's created a ripe pasture for the franchise.  NBC Thursdays reigned, albeit not as strong as the 90's.  CBS took a comfy second place, ABC a sinking third, and FOX an equally sinking 4th place.  Down in the cellar, WB's dramatic windfall calmed, and UPN's sails also hit doldrums. 9/11 created a ripple effect across the board, toning down violence, delaying fares and forcing America to adopt upbeat vs. heavy fares. 

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Trending Hot -- Dramas on NBC lit fireworks with ER slicing the Nielsen carnage in Anthony Edwards' final season.  Law and Order multiplicities fared well, as did policical West Wing and heartful Providence and Ed.  Procedural dramas reigned strong with indications of growth, and CBS fostered the brand with CSI. 

Trending Tepid -- FOX and ABC struggled to find their footing this year as the first two networks hogged the spoils.  Duplicate news outlets cooled despite the devastation 9/11 inflicted on the masses.  UPN managed to outbid WB for Buffy the Vampire Slayer, adding to a mixture of tepid recyclables the network managed to thrift. 

Trending Cold -- Unpopular sitcoms.  If their name was not Friends, Will and Grace or Everybody Loves Raymond, a mediocre to insulting rating came home.  Game shows struck out, soaps were out and movie evenings became a joke as DVR's and extended cable patterns voided out cinema performance. 

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