2002-03 Ratings History

Written Astounded at How Much Folks Love Reality TV Folks by Bridger Cunnngham (former TVRG Writer)

 Two vicious ties created interesting dynamics for 1st and 3rd Place.  NBC enjoyed a helping of 1st Place, yet a resurgent CBS bit viciously at their heels by .03 ratings points for the season average.  That could be classified as a tie, yet the spacing is questionable.  Both dominated the top 10, and CBS had younger hits fighting to assume control.  Further down, FOX reached a milestone as it finally bit into 3rd Place, thanks to latest reality sensation American Idol.  It helped the network finally shove its way into the big leagues, albeit it was one tenth within ABC, who continued another freefall year.  Down below these four, WB again led UPN, though not by much worth writing home about. 

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Trending Hot -- Reality TV.  Sigh.  We shall not speak more of this.  Outside of these cheap productions, Procedurals were the rage on CBS.  Monday sitcoms also prevailed, as well as NBC's power play on Thursdays.  WB hit paydirt on original fares vs. big-net reclaims as shows originating organically on their ground grew nicely. 
Trending Tepid -- Sitcoms.  Sad, as one of the oldest institutions spanning 7 decades at this timeframe became an out-trend.  News was old as well, as Reality TV seemed to report the state of the world. 
Trending Cold -- ABC.  Their network suffered massive blows on all fronts this year.  Soaps were dead and gone, as Dawson's Creek bid adieu on WB.  Recycled favorites on UPN and WB also fell out of favor, with only FOX reclaim Grounded for Life emerging victorious. 

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