Summer Renew/Cancel Week 10: Renewal Feels Like a Fantasy for Fantasy Island

With very little occurring on television thanks to the Tokyo Olympics, the Summer Renew/Cancel took off last week. Now, it's back with a busy update filled with new show premieres and even some renewal news.

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Card Sharks (0.4*)
Emergency Call (0.4*)
Mental Samurai (0.3)
Small Fortune (0.3)
Superstar (0.3)
When Nature Calls with Helen Mirren (0.4)

Leans Cancellation:
Dead Pixels (0.0)
Fantasy Island (0.4)
The Republic of Sarah (0.1)
Secret Celebrity Renovation (0.2)
Wellington Paranormal (0.0)

Leans Renewal:
Capital One College Bowl (0.4)
The Celebrity Dating Game (0.4)
Crime Scene Kitchen (0.4)
Family Game Fight! (0.6)
The Hustler (0.3)
Kids Say the Darndest Things (0.4)
LEGO Masters (0.5)
Making It (0.3)
Match Game (0.4)
The Outpost (0.0)

Likely to be Renewed:
Beat Shazam (0.4)
Love Island (0.3)
Press Your Luck (0.5)
The Wall (0.5)

Certain to be Renewed:
The $100,000 Pyramid (0.5)
America's Got Talent (0.9)
American Ninja Warrior (0.5)
Big Brother (0.8)
Celebrity Family Feud (0.7)
The Chase (0.6)
Hell's Kitchen (0.6)
MasterChef (0.6)
To Tell the Truth (0.4)

Fate Determined:
The Bachelorette (Renewed)
Burden of Truth (Final Season)
Duncanville (Renewed)
Dynasty (Renewed)
Good Girls (Canceled)
Holey Moley (Renewed)
HouseBroken (Renewed)
In the Dark (Renewed)
Legends of Tomorrow (Renewed)
Riverdale (Renewed)
Roswell, New Mexico (Renewed)
Stargirl (Renewed)
Supergirl (Final Season)

Yet to Premiere:
Bachelor in Paradise
The Ultimate Surfer  

Fantasy Island: One of the very few scripted series on broadcast this summer, Fantasy Island didn't really do that poorly in its premiere, garnering a 0.4 out of the 0.5 from LEGO Masters on premiere night. While 0.4 is far from great, it's really not that bad for an August debut. If it can hold there, I would absolutely feel comfortable with a renewal prediction. That's a big if. Summer scripted shows like this one tend to drop as the season goes on and the promotion for it becomes less frequent. If those casual viewers of the pilot didn't like what they saw, that 0.4 can turn into an ugly 0.2 pretty fast. I think it's quite unlikely that the 0.4 will hold, and that's why it starts out as LEANS CANCELLATION.

Family Game Fight: Do I think this show's post-Olympics preview did well? Not particularly. But in its regular, post-America's Got Talent timeslot, it definitely showed potential. It's hard to imagine a show doing much better than the 0.5 it got behind AGT's 0.6. It surely could have done worse, especially with extremely compatible competition from the solid 100K Pyramid on ABC. There have been a few other shows in similar situations to this one that started well and then slid to some rough results as the season went on, so I won't say it's too safe just yet, but this is a very promising start and it definitely looks like the most likely renewal of all of NBC's new summer shows. It LEANS RENEWAL for now.

Superstar: The new show from ABC News centering on some of our most famous late celebrities premiered this week with little fanfare. Despite some heavy promotion from ABC, people just didn't seem interested in this show, drawing a 0.3 out of a 0.5 from Pyramid. While 0.3 isn't that horrible for a 10 PM slot, I don't think it exactly gives ABC much incentive to continue with it. It always felt like a hastily thrown-together summer filler show, only aired because they needed to fill a slot on one of the nights they always dedicate to original programming. It's hard to imagine it remaining anything but a one-and-done filler show. It's a LIKELY CANCELLATION.

HouseBroken: This week, Fox doubled down on its commitment to summer animation, renewing HouseBroken for a second season, even if the ratings didn't really warrant that. While the show is an extremely modest performer, it seems to do well for them in digital platforms and this is a renewal I expected from them.

What do you think of my predictions? What are your predictions? Let me know in the comments and vote in the poll of the week!

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