Off Topic -- Week 21 (2019-20 Season)

Welcome to another week of Off Topic. This past week was a long week for me as I got my January LSAT scores back. I only improved five points. But because I took a non-disclosed administration, I had no idea what weaknesses I had. But I suspected that the last part of the test was a major challenge and I decided to tackle it.

So today, I decided to make steps for an LSAT attack plan. Today, I was doing basic linear games. Nothing out of the ordinary. Tomorrow comes advanced. Then in the middle of today's attack plan, I managed to do some logical reasoning questions and listened to a podcast episode. That was basically all I did today.

Tomorrow, I will be registering for the LSAT once again for March. It's make it or break it time.

Now that I have ranted a bit, let's discuss away on other things.

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