Bar Exam Season 1 Episode 6: The Field

Lorenzo: Hey you! Have you seen the people who usually sit at the bar?
Stranger: I have no clue who you’re talking about.
Lorenzo: They usually come here around this time but they haven’t come today. Wonder if it’s because I accidentally got one of them drunk off cotton candy...crap are they gonna sue me?
Stranger: OK that’s concerning, you sure the rest of the cotton candy is clean?
Lorenzo: Pretty sure. Looking at your plate, I think you’ll find out soon enough.
Stranger: Anyways I have no clue who they are or where they are.
Lorenzo: Well thanks for your help regardless. Also don’t sue me if the cotton candy gets you drunk. But where could they be...
Stranger: I said I have no clue.
Lorenzo: Oh I was talking to myself.
Stranger: That whole thing or just that last sentence?
Lorenzo: I thanked you and told you not to sue me. That was directed to you. The where could they be part was me thinking out loud.
Stranger: I’m going to just leave a $5 bill here and get going...
Lorenzo: Lincoln!
Stranger: Huh?
Lorenzo: Oh nothing.
[Lorenzo takes inspiration from the $5 bill and texts Lincoln. Lincoln responds that the group is outside the baseball field studying. Lorenzo lets the wait staff know that he is leaving, and meets the group outside the field.]
Lorenzo: Hey everyone, what’s up!
Madison: Um...nothing really. Why are you here?
Chase: The restaurant must be closing.
Adam: I figured it would happen.
Sam: Yeah, we really were the backbone of that place. One night without us and it goes under.
Lorenzo: No, the restaurant is still doing fine. Or at least, as good or bad as it normally does, I don’t really know. I brought you all hot dogs.
Lincoln: That wasn’t necessary.
Lorenzo: I know. I had some extras already made though.
Sam: You don’t make these to order?
Lorenzo: Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t.
Madison: How long do these sit out?
Lorenzo: Only one or two hours usually, three days tops.
Lincoln: How much are you charging?
Lorenzo: $5. But free for you tonight.
Chase: Thanks, I think. You have bad news, don’t you?
Lorenzo: No! I come innocent.
Regan: Do you miss this place?
Lorenzo: What place?
Reagan: The baseball stadium where you used to sit in the bullpen?
Lorenzo: Oh! That. Yeah, but those days are behind me.
Adam: You really were a celebrity there.
Madison: Even though you sucked.
Lorenzo: We should all go in now and play some catch!
Sam: That’s OK!
Lincoln: We should give this to him, I’m pretty sure this is why he’s here.
Lorenzo: No! I’m here because I care about my most loyal customers!
Lincoln: Would you have come if I told you we were at the library?
Lorenzo: No way, the library never means the library. I’d be there by myself.
Lincoln: What about if I said we were at a different bar?
Lorenzo: Hell no.
Lincoln: So...
Lorenzo: Yep, you got me. I’m gonna try to gather a few baseballs, follow me if you want.
[The group follows him into the baseball field.]
Chase: Whoa.
Sam: Crazy to walk onto this field myself after all those times watching in the outfield.
Lorenzo: I know, right? Feels weird for me too!
Adam: Who wants to walk over to the dugout and look for some baseballs?
Lorenzo: Me! I’ve never been in a dugout before!
Madison: Why are these answers not surprising me?
Chase: Oh, let me chase after one!
Lorenzo: Get one from under there. [Pointing]
Chase: Under where? [Pause]. Hey!
Reagan: Hate to say it but you deserved that one.
Lincoln: I got a ball.
Lorenzo: Throw it.
[Lincoln throws the ball.]
Lorenzo: Ow! Not at me! At home plate!
[Lincoln instead heaves a ball toward the bullpen.]
Lorenzo: Fine. I’ll get it.
[Lorenzo gets the ball and jumps over the fence to sit in the bullpen for a few minutes. The group walks over.]
Reagan: You miss it, don’t you?
Lorenzo: Actually, yes. I do miss it. But my focus is on the restaurant now. I’ve given this ball club all I could as an entertainer, now my calling is to serve people going to the games food. And apparently, people studying to become lawyers too.
Adam: Oh by the way we invited all your bullpen friends over to the restaurant next week, it was way too easy to get in contact with them.

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