2018 In Review: The TVRGO Shows, Ranked by Their Ratings

For the first time ever, The TV Ratings Guide is revealing a relative rank of where all five of its original series stand when it comes to readership. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

#1: Marietta
Episodes: 10 

Marietta is a sitcom about Marietta Landfield, a United States Senator from Louisiana who must adjust to life after losing her re-election bid. She was in the Senate for twenty years, but now she has time to devote to her family, and the citizens of New Orleans, the city her brother is the mayor of. But, as her term-limited brother’s term comes to an end, Marietta must decide whether or not to keep a Landfield in the mayor’s office

Marietta has been TVRGO’s #1 show for 7 of its first 10 episodes. It peaked at the beginning and steadily declined through its 6th episode, but has seen large ratings hikes in 3 of its last 4 episodes. Its most recent episode was a holiday special, which was that week’s #2 show, and the highest-rated 10th episode for a TVRGO series. It is in its first season, which consists of 23 episodes, with the option for a second season.

#2: Our House
Episodes: 3

When Teri’s dream goes on the market, she convinces her dysfunctional family, including her:
-Crazy mother Betty
-Calm stepfather Karl
-Liberal brother Ralph
-Conservative, religious sister Cindy
-brother-in-law Jerry
-alcoholic nephew Zeke
-selfish niece Tammi
-husband Francis
-niece's Steven
-nosy cousin-in-law Velma
-cousin Michell
-friend Danielle
to sell their homes and help pay for the house, and also move in with her. Life’s not going to be easy with this crazy family.

Our House was the 3rd TVRGO show to premiere, and came in third place for each of its first two episodes. Its third episode, the December 2018 holiday special, ranked #1 amongst all holiday specials, and was the 2nd-highest-rated Episode 3 had by any show. The episode also grew significantly from the ratings seen in the second episode. It is currently in its 13-episode first season, with the option for a backorder and/or renewal.

#3: Network
Episodes: 24

Network is an anthology sitcom depicting the lives of network executives as they deal with the consequences of putting a show on the air that turns out to be a major flop in ratings.

Network premiered alongside Marietta in January 2018, and while it did not match the first few episodes of Marietta, it found a stable audience early on. When comparing every show’s 5th and 6th episodes, Network comes in first place. Its performance warranted a renewal and a spin-off, Writer’s Block. Network is TVRGO’s first-ever show to enter its 2nd season.

#4: Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream
Episodes: 8

Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream is a limited series drama about a 25-year-old woman named Amanda, who has dreams at night that, with the help of therapist Jane, help her piece together something much bigger. 

When Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream premiered, it was TVRGO’s lowest-rated premiere of a show that would go past one episode. However, it is also the platform’s sole drama, making it tougher to promote effectively. Episodes 2 and 3 held up decently, and the season ended with 3 straight episodes growing on the previous one. The finale wasn’t off too much from Network’s 8th episode, or the entire second half of Network’s first season for that matter. Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream has been renewed for a second season.

#5: The Bullpen
Episodes: 7

The Bullpen is a comedy that follows a group of 6 pitchers and their bullpen coach who are on a fictional Major League Baseball team. Due to their starting pitchers being so good, this group of misfits rarely go into the games, yet somehow still manages to get attention sometimes—just for all the wrong reasons.


The Bullpen started as a 6-episode experiment in the summer of 2018. All 6 episodes were dropped at once, and the only thing making the home screen was a page that linked to the episodes. Soon after it premiered, the site’s domain crashed. To give the show a fair chance, it was rerun in November/December 2018 and given a few more episodes to be posted in January 2019. Ratings are low, but growing ever so slightly, with Episodes 4 through 7 on par with those of Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream. A Season 2 renewal hinges on how the January 2019 episodes perform. 

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