The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 11 Review

A season-long storyline reaches its peak tonight as Barry and Lainey tie the knot (or not?) on the midseason premiere of The Goldbergs, in an episode that brings the Wedding Singer universe into the universe of The Goldbergs, complete with archival footage of Adam Sandler.

The wedding is quickly approaching, and Bill Lewis hasn't done any planning yet, so Beverly takes control. Beverly's overreaching starts putting doubts about the wedding in Barry's mind. He thinks he's just too immature to be getting married, and Erica yells at him because he's going to break Lainey's heart. He tells Lainey that the engagement is off, and she's actually happy about it. Meanwhile, everyone else is still preparing for a wedding that isn's going to happen. Adam asks Pops for help in making a heartfelt video to prove to Murray that he can do it. Barry and Lainey tell Bill the wedding is off, and he's also happy. However, they need to tell Beverly about it, and she's already gone off to hire a wedding singer.

Adam's heartfelt video doesn't go so well, as he can't help but inserting jokes into even the most heartfelt of moments. Bev is still trying to hire a wedding singer, and she speaks to Jimmie Moore, who wasn't the wedding singer she wanted but he's the one she settles on. She hires him, and it's nonrefundable. Barry and Lainey burst in, but they lie to Beverly and won't tell them that they're not getting married. Lainey asks Adam to help with a video for everyone she loves, where she reveals that she's moving to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. Everyone's upset and they want to stop her, but they agree that Barry's the only one that can, so they send him to the airport to try and change her mind. Barry gets on the plane with Lainey to tell her that he's going with her to California, but she convinces him that they're just not ready to be married.


This was a fantastic episode of The Goldbergs, one of their best in years. I wasn't very sure about the integration of The Wedding Singer into this episode, but it actually worked very well and was incredibly clever. The show desperately needed something to shake up the monotony of recent episodes, and this week, it succeeded in that. While I was hoping for Barry and Lainey to get their happy ending, the truth is that they really weren't ready, and I think pretty much everyone knew that. So for that reason, I'm okay with them parting ways. I'll surely miss Lainey on The Goldbergs, particularly her interactions with the rest of the cast, but this episode was a perfect (and very emotional) sendoff for the character. I'm excited to see the rest of Lainey's adventures on Schooled, even though it won't be quite the same.

Score: 10/10
Grade: A+

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