Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 6 Premiere Review

It's been quite a journey to get to this point, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine is finally back for its sixth season premiere. There was a point that I didn't think that this would ever happen, so it's great to see the gang at the Nine-Nine back in action on their new home. Let's hope that the move to a new home doesn't change anything, because the show is already perfect as-is.

After a wait of waaaay too long, Holt fonally reveals that he got the commissioner job. And then, he re-reads the email and learns that he actually didn't get the job. This leads to him taking some personal time off, and Terry is in charge. Jake and Amy got a refund from their wedding, so they'll be going to Mexico for a real honeymoon. While at their romantic honeymoon, they dsicover Holt. Meanwhile, Charles is devestated to learn that his dad and Gina's mom are divorcing, knowing that this will ruin his dad. He tries to convince Gina to help get them back together, but she refuses. Rosa's case is in danger of being poached by a rival department, but Terry's not much help.

Despite his insistence that he won't, Holt keeps ruining private moments between Jake and Amy. They try to avoid him, but he's unavoidable. Charles won't stop obsessing about his dad and Gina's mom, but Gina doesn't want to hear it. She knows the real reason they broke up, but won't tell Charles. Amy wants to include Holt in their activities to cheer him up. He brings everyone down, but he they do help him feel ready to go home. Terry tries to find Holt's manual that he wrote for anyoen that would replace him, but he screws up Holt's computer. Jake runs into Holt, who is on his way home, and learns that Holt is leaving the Nine-Nine, all because of Jake and Amy.

Jake won't allow Holt to leave until he changes his mind, and they physically restrain him to keep hi from leaving. Charles gets into Gina's phone and discovers that she actually told her mom to divorce his dad, which horrifies Charles. Amy and Jake both try to change Holt's mind, but he ends up calling Jake selfish and Amy tells him off. A week later, Jake and Amy return from their honeymoon. They learn from Holt that, due to a suggestion he made at the expense of the new police commissioner, the bottom floor of the Nine-Nine has been closed for renovations.

This was a great return, and I thought it was better than a lot of episodes from last season. It was great to see the entire gang back, and I'm glad that everyone got some screentime tonight, because it feels like the show's been away about for an eternity. I wasn't a big fan of last season's premiere, so I thought this was leaps-and-bound ahead of that one. The honeymoon storyline with Holt was hilarious, and him interrupting and ruining everythign for Jake and Amy was almost as hilarious as his amazing collection of shirts in this episode. The other storylines obviously didn't measure up, but they were still immensely enjoyable. I particularly enjoyed Terry's guest for Holt's manual and his later discovery that Holt praised him in it, and thought it was incredibly sweet. All in all, Brooklyn Nine-Nine still seems to have it and it looks like a great season ahead. I'm very excited to see what's in store!

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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