2018-19 Reality Renew/Cancel, Part 3: The Masked Singer Will Sing Another Day

This is a busy time for reality TV, with multiple new reality shows premiering recently and even more shows returning for new seasons. Some have garnered tons of buzz, while some have been a bit quieter in the ratings department. Stay tuned for initial predictions of all of the winter premieres, which are noted in italics.

Certain to be Canceled:

Likely to be Canceled:
Child Support
Dancing With the Stars: Juniors

Leans Cancellation:

Pure Toss-Up:

Leans Renewal:
The Great American Baking Show
Match Game

Likely to be Renewed:
24 Hours To Hell and Back
The Titan Games

Certain to be Renewed:
48 Hours
60 Minutes
America's Funniest Home Videos
America's Got Talent: The Champions
The Bachelor
Dateline NBC
Hell's Kitchen
The Masked Singer
Shark Tank

The Amazing Race
Dancing With the Stars
Ellen's Game of Games
The Great Christmas Light Fight
The Voice

The Alec Baldwin Show

Coming Soon:
MasterChef Junior
American Idol
The World's Best
Celebrity Big Brother
Mental Samurai
Spin the Wheel
World of Dance
The Wall

The Masked Singer: It's not hard to see why this show is predicted as a CERTAIN RENEWAL. It certainly isn't guaranteed that it'll stay at the level it's at, but The Masked Singer is a huge hit so far. It also held relatively steady between weeks two and three, onyl shedding a tenth despite the ability to see another harsh drop. It could coast to renewal at half the level it's currently performing at, and with Fox seeming to be headed towards a heavy reality focus, it's in abslutely no danger.

The Titan Games: It's performing very well, but The Titan Games hasn't show signs of stabilizing quite yet. While it fell an acceptable two tenths in its second week, it slipped a further three this week against increased competition for ABC. That still upt it at 1.3, which is very much renewable, but NBC is still more crowded than any other network, so if Titan keeps falling, it may find itself out of luck. For that reason, it enters only as a LIKELY RENEWAL this week despite its high average

AGT: The Champions: This reality spinoff isn't on the level of its parent series, but it's still gotten off to a great start. It held nicely in week two and is performing better than the Wall/Better Late Than Never pairing that aired in this slot in winter 2018. NBC is probably thrilled with its performance, even if it isn't as huge as The Masked Singer. Either way, the show's a huge win for NBC and it's a CERTAIN RENEWAL.

What do you think of my predictions? What are you predicting? Let me know in the comments and dont' forget to vote in the poll below!

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