TVRG Productions March 2023 News Day: Our House Season Finale, Return Dates, and Pitch Your Own TVRG Production


Welcome to March 2023 TVRG Productions News Day! Here are some updates related to TVRG Productions. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment!

Our House Season Finale
Our House’s Season 5 finale will be posted on Thursday, March 23. It will be a crossover with Marietta. Both shows will return for Season 6. 

Frances In The Kitchen Series Premiere
Frances In The Kitchen will return for Season 4 on Thursday, March 30.

Bar Exam Season 6 Premiere
Bar Exam Season 6 will premiere on Sunday, April 2 with three new episodes. 

SugarCity Season 2 Premiere
SugarCity Season 2 will premiere on Saturday, April 15. 

Write Your Own TVRG Production
Have you ever read a TVRG Production and wanted to write one of your own? Now is your chance! In the form below, please leave your Disqus username or email, show title, synopsis, and opening scene. Episodes can be of the length of your choice. We will evaluate all entries and reach out to you if it fits in with our schedule!

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