FOX Renew/Cancel Week 15: It’s Time To Evacuate ’Fantasy Island’


Predictions for 03/11/23

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Below are the latest renew/cancel predictions for the Fox network in the 2022-23 television season. The numbers listed in the table mark the Nielsen rating low, average, and high for each respective program in the Adults 18-49 demographic. The "Y2Y (year-to-year) Change" column denotes how much the series has risen or fallen when compared to its average from the previous season. Since the last update, 'The Simpsons', 'The Great North', 'Bob's Burgers', 'Family Guy', 'Animal Control', and '9-1-1: Lone Star' have all posted new lows. As always, only scripted programming will be taken into account in this column. 

Fantasy Island: During the months of January and February, 'Fantasy Island' regularly hovered around a 0.2 18-49 rating in its 8 o'clock timeslot on Monday evenings. Though it did work its way up from a ghastly 0.17 premiere to a less terrible 0.24, it continues to reside near the bottom of the Fox totem pole. On March 6, the sophomore drama was tossed into the 9PM timeslot in order to make room for the return of '9-1-1'. Airing behind the strongest show on the network is nothing to take for granted and 'Fantasy Island' could have easily taken this opportunity to soar to a new high. Instead, the series dipped by a hundredth to a measly 0.23 rating, retaining less than 40% of '9-1-1' (0.63). Seemingly as a response to this lackluster showing, the episode that was originally meant to air on March 13 was removed in order to make room for a rerun of 'Farmer Wants a Wife'. Being yanked off the schedule for an encore of a show that can best be described as "midseason reality filler" is essentially the kiss of death. 'Fantasy Island' has been likely to be canceled for quite some time but this abrupt preemption means that it is now Certain to be Canceled

Animal Control: Episode four of 'Animal Control' ended up being the lowest-rated one thus far. The sitcom slipped by 21% on a week-to-week basis and could only scrape together a 0.23 rating this time around. This series is still a better option than 'Welcome To Flatch' and performs about as well as the cartoons in the Sunday animation block but neither of those bars are very high ones to clear. 'Animal Control' is still Likely to be Renewed but needs to stop its slide soon to avoid a downgrade. 

Accused: Even though '9-1-1: Lone Star' fell to a new low, 'Accused' (0.28) was able to grow by about 22% to its strongest showing in three weeks. The anthology drama appears to be strengthening its case for renewal and has now made it clear that it is not dependent on its lead-in. 'Accused' is Likely to be Renewed and looks a good bit healthier than it did in late February. 

9-1-1: '9-1-1' came back from a break that lasted more than three months and garnered a remarkable 0.63 rating for its return. The procedural juggernaut came within striking distance of 'The Voice' (0.69) and was just 9% below its Fall finale from November 2022. '9-1-1' is Certain to be Renewed and just reaffirmed that it is a better player than just about anything else on the Fox network.

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