Marietta Season 5 Episode 18 - Analyze This

Marietta Season 5, Episode 18
Analyze This

Henrietta: Marietta, you’re back! How was your vacation?

Amy: Did you enjoy your time away from us?

Tammy: Was it worth the betrayal?

Marietta: I sense your disappointment, and your rage, but again, this wasn’t about you. Anyway, I have therapy today. Please don’t give me more to talk to my therapist about.

Tammy: It was that good, huh?

Marietta: It was a great vacation, actually, I just have to get in because I missed two sessions while I was away.

Henrietta: You feeling all right, Marietta?

Marietta: I’m anxious. This campaign’s getting to me. I don’t think we have this one in us.

Henrietta: Stressing about it doesn’t do anyone any good.

Marietta: I am aware. Anxiety doesn’t listen to logic, though.

Henrietta: We’re always here for you to talk to if you need support. Right, you two?

Tammy: Yeah, sure.

Amy: I’m still pissed. I deserved a trip to M-

Henrietta: Shut up! I heard enough complaining about that trip out of you two last week to last a lifetime. No more. She doesn’t need to hear it.

Marietta: I’m so glad I have such a support system. Henrietta and… I guess aunt Kathleen?

Tammy: Honey, I would have loved to go to Maine, but I’m here for you. I’m even glad you had a good time there. I’d be really upset if you abandoned me just to have a miserable time.

Amy: I would have liked that.

Marietta: When I lose re-election and we all lose our jobs, you’re the only one I’m not going to write a letter of recommendation for.

Amy: Thank you! I don’t need that bogging me down.

Marietta: I’ve been back for ten minutes and no one has told me a single thing that happened in this city while I was away. I’m starting to see why I’m down in the polls.

Henrietta: Do poor hiring decisions usually impact poll numbers?

Marietta: When they’re this apparent.

Tammy: Okay, enough lashing out.

Marietta: I wouldn’t speak on lashing out I were you.

Later that day, at the office of Marietta’s psychiatrist, Dr. Clara Mongeaux…

Clara: All right, it’s been a while since our last conversation. You were going on vacation the last we spoke. How’d that go?

Marietta: The vacation itself was great. We had a lot of fun, we did a lot of family bonding, I mostly got my mind off of the election. It was very needed and very helpful in terms of keeping me sane.

Clara: Mostly off the election? So your mind still lingered to it?

Marietta: Every now and again, yeah. It’s hard not to think about it at all when my job is my whole life. I’m divorced, my son’s grown and has a family of his own. My job is the one thing left in my life that I do to keep me busy.

Clara: I know this isn’t what you want to hear, but a lot of my patients have found new meanings to their lives in retirement. They get to travel, spend time with friends and family -

Marietta: You’ve heard about my family. You think I want to spend MORE time with them? We’re practically attached at the hip to begin with.

Clara: There’s always traveling!

Marietta: I do enough of that now. One or two trips a year is fine by me.

Clara: Don’t you have any desire to see the world?

Marietta: Flying back and for the from DC once a week for twenty years as a Senator has given me more than enough travel experience for this lifetime.

Clara: So maybe retirement isn’t ideal for you. What about -

Marietta: Oh, I just remembered. I got you a gift in Maine.

Clara: You didn’t have to do that! 

Marietta: It’s a snow globe! I thought of you right when I saw it.

Clara: Well, I love it, but how’d you get this back safely?

Marietta: Unlike Garth Brooks, I got friends in high places.

Clara: So, this anxiety you’ve been feeling over the election -

Marietta: Oh, back to this?

Clara: We are on the clock, after all.

Marietta: Okay, you have a point. I’ve been having trouble sleeping because of it, and I’ve been so on edge. I’m snapping at people, I feel like I’m on such a tight schedule. I have no time for myself because I have so much to do just to try and win another term in office.

Clara: I just want you to know that this is normal for anyone under a lot of stress, especially someone with anxiety like you. I don’t want you to feel like this is abnormal. Of course, snapping at people and feeling run ragged is not idea. This is easier said than done, but when you have those moments of being so stressed that it causes a panic attack or just makes you feel overwhelmed, give yourself a bit of grace. It’s not the end of the world if you break your rigid schedule. Some days, not everything gets done that you want to get done. Allow yourself to accept that.

Marietta: That’s not how my brain works. I’m crazy -

Clara: Hey! We don’t say that world in here.

Marietta: It’s a perfectly accurate descriptor here.

Clara: You like to make light of things, and I’m glad that it helps you, but I need you to know that having anxiety and feeling overly stressed does not make you “crazy.” It makes you human.

Marietta: Most would deny that I’m human at all.

Clara: Let’s get serious.

Marietta: Okay. I am seriously stressed.

Clara: Tell me about this election, okay? What is your biggest concern?

Marietta: I’m the incumbent and I’m down three points in the polls, it’s very embarrassing. It’s a stain on my public image. I’m very hard on myself.

Clara: I’m aware.

Marietta: When I see myself failing, it just… I can hardly breathe. I feel like all of my worst fears and insecurities about myself are being proven right.

Clara: Nobody in history has ever succeeded at every single thing they’ve ever done, not even the great American leaders like Washington or Lincoln.

Marietta: I really do appreciate the Lincoln comparison.

Clara: It wasn’t act- yeah, you’re welcome. You’ve earned it.

Marietta: I keep feeling like I have to just do more. If I keep pushing, I keep trying a little harder, maybe that’ll change things. I have too much on my plate.

Clara: Like I said, you need to know that it’s okay to leave some things for another day. You can’t get to everything all the time. You have to live your life in a way that is healthy for you, not in a way that accomplishes the most work. You work so hard, it is physically and mentally impossible for you to add any more to your workload. Doing so isn’t going to help you win, it’s just going to stress you out and make your life worse. I don’t want you having panic attacks. I know you don’t want that for yourself. Scale things back a bit.

Marietta: We only have a few months left, if I can jus-

Clara: May I ask you something?

Marietta: Of course.

Clara: I think I know the answer, I know you well, but why did. you not tell me earlier how much stress this election was causing you?

Marietta: Because I didn’t want you to make me drop out.

Clara: I would never do that.

Marietta: I was afraid you’d see it as the only option.

Clara: No, the only option is for you to set realistic expectations of yourself. No one can have or do it all. Still do the things you want, and yes, do the things you need to, but don’t overwhelm yourself. It’s all about the pacing.

Marietta: So you’re telling me to be a pace car?

Clara: Why do I feel as if you could’ve been done with therapy three years ago if you’d taken it seriously?

Marietta: I take it very seriously.

Clara: You just asked me if I wanted you to be a car.

Marietta: I have a moral obligation to lighten the mood, but I am taking in everything you say.

Clara: Okay, I’ll trust you.

Marietta: So we’ve got some time to kill, no?

Clara: Like forty minutes. You have nothing else to discuss?

Marietta: What if I can’t take your advice because Tammy won’t let me? The election is in two months, after all. She’s not going to want to lay off campaign events this close to the election.

Clara: From what I’ve been told, Tammy is very understanding. Should I call her First Lady Yarborough? I don’t want to be disrespectful.

Marietta: Oh, she doesn’t care.

Clara: Then, in that case, tell Tammy that you need to scale back your work load, because it’s causing you stress.

Marietta: What if I also don’t really want to scale back my campaign events because I’m afraid it’ll make me lose? My motto’s always been to leave it all out on the field. If I do lose, I have to know I tried everything.

Clara: That does put you in a tough position. You have to ask yourself whether you’d rather prioritize winning the election and having peace of mind in knowing you tried your hardest, or prioritizing minimizing stress. Which do you think is more important?

Marietta: Isn’t that what I pay you to tell me?

Clara: Okay, well, in that case, I’d have to say that it’s going to be hard for you to effectively campaign anyway if you’re so stressed out about it. Give yourself a bit of a break, dont’ push yourself to work past your own limits. You know what you’re capable of.

Marietta: So if I slack off and lose, can I blame you?

Clara: Sure.

Marietta: Good, Tammy will want to know who to send the anthrax to.

Clara: It’s up to you, of course, as to whether or not you take my advice on this, but just know that I’m always here for support regardless of what you do. That being said, anything else concerning you this week that you want to discuss? We’ve got plenty of time.

Marietta: Yeah, I’ve been oversleeping a lot the past few days. My circadian rhythm is all off thanks to this Daylight Saving Time. And, as we know, oversleeping makes me -

Clara: depressed. Yes, we’ve covered this, and it’s totally normal. Sleeping in late is a frequent trigger of depression, especially after Daylight Saving Time, which throws us all off.

Marietta: Is it normal for it to make me be late and, in return, get slapped in the face by a short elderly woman because I was late for a meeting?

Clara: Your mother slapped you?

Marietta: No! Tammy slapped me!

Clara: You got slapped by the First Lady?

Marietta: Yeah, they’re not as nice as you think.

Later that night…

Patty Lynn: So, how ya feeling, honey?

Sarah: You don’t have to ask her that every time she goes to the cuckoo doctor. It’s borderline harassment.

Martin: Do not call it that!

Sarah: What am I supposed to call it?

Kathleen: I’ll slap her if you want.

Martin: No, you’ve been in enough trouble with the law lately.

Kathleen: Some would say I’ve not been in enough trouble. As my dear friend John Lewis said, “Make go-“

Martin: No. Do not compare yourself to John Lewis. Not now, not ever.

Patty Lynn: So, honey, back to you. How was your appointment?

Marietta: Fine. I cried a little, I complained a lot, I showed her some pictures from vacation. Par for the course.

Patty Lynn: What were you crying about? Do I have to give her a talking to?

Marietta: No. I beg of you, don’t do that.

Patty Lynn: I see, it was personal. I need to respect your personal space.

Marietta: Yes, correct. Now, I have a busy day tomorrow, so I’m going to take my niece and head home so I can get to bed.

Sarah: It’s six o’clock!

Marietta: It is? Damn, days are too long. Time moves by too slowly.

Sarah: Except when you’re asleep. Then it goes too quickly.

Patty Lynn: Did you talk to your therapist about sleep? You told me you’ve been having problems.

Marietta: I did, yes. How did you know? Did you install a listening device?

Patty Lynn: A mother just knows.

The next day…

Tammy: Busy day, Marietta! After work is done, we have to -

Amy: We can’t talk about campaigning while at work!

Tammy: Come on, Ron Marks is already going after us, might as well break a few more laws.

Henrietta: “Why are we down in the polls?”

Tammy: Because some people are too spooked by phony scandals to see things clearly. She is innocent!

Marietta: What do we have to do, Tammy?

Tammy: I have three campaign events and a news interview scheduled, plus we’re going to film a new campaign ad. I’ve actually already had Milton film something for it.

Marietta: Milton?

Henrietta: Mom’s in it, too!

Marietta: So the only endorsements I can get from elected officials are in my own family?

Tammy: No! Moira endorsed you, too!

Marietta: She’ll be my sister-in-law in a week!

Tammy: So she isn’t family yet!

Marietta: You’re such an idiot.

Tammy: I love you, too.

Marietta: So what work do we have to do today?

Tammy: I don’t know. Mostly just nonsense.

Henrietta: You have a meeting with John Jackson and one with the mayor of Baton Rouge.

Marietta: Why is she not the chief of staff?

Tammy: Look at her! She looks like she’s twelve years old! That’s why!

Henrietta: I take that as a compliment. You think I have a youthful glow.

Tammy: I never said you have a glow.

Amy: Tammy, she’s gorgeous. She looks like an angel among us. Meanwhile, you look at us… the old lady from The Shining.

Tammy: Speak for yourself. I have agreed flawlessly.

Amy: Did they change the definition of that word?
Kent: Hey, ladies! You busy?

Amy: Hen, get the mace.

Kent: I come in peace! Just checking out my future office.

Tammy: Do I have to call security, Kent?

Kent: I just wanted to talk to the mayor about doing a town hall together. The voters need to hear from their top two candidates once more.

Tammy: That’ll be a no.

Marietta: I… can’t… breathe…

Kent: Is something wrong with her? Why is she clutching her chest?

Henrietta: She’s having a heart attack!

Tammy: No, it’s a panic attack.

Henrietta: How can you be sure?

Tammy: I’ve seen it before. Honey, grab my hand. I’m here for you. Kent, you gotta go.

Kent: What? How’s this m-

Amy: Out!

Later that day…

Clara: Marietta, you have never called me for an emergency session before, so I made sure to clear my schedule for you. I’m worried about you.

Marietta: I had a panic attack at work today.

Clara: I don’t recall you ever telling me about that happening before, a panic attack at work.

Marietta: It never has. I’ve always had them at home, when I would stress out about some weird pain I had or when I’d think about how much work I have to do or when I’d think about how nobody likes me because I have a 30% approval rating. Never at work. This was scary!

Clara: Do you have any idea what may have triggered it?

Marietta: Kent Egerton!

Clara: He causes panic in me as well, so you and I are simpatico there. He’s never prompted a panic attack for me, although I suppose it is different when he’s trying to steal your job away.

Marietta: He came to visit me, in all his smugness, today, and then proceeded to ask to do a town hall. After how that debate went, more public speaking is the last thing I need right now. The thought of it just killed me a little inside.

Clara:  Well, at least you’ve identified the trigger. That’s a start.

Marietta: Also, Tammy was talking about Ron Marks! That man makes my heart race, and not in the way Colin Farrell does, if you get my drift. She was also talking about how much work we had to do today for the campaign. Ever after the panic attack, I did it all! That’s why we’re meeting at seven o’clock!

Clara: Ron Marks is the, uh -

Marietta: The bastard investigating me for campaign finance violations, yes.

Clara: You’re under a lot of stress. More than I even imagined.

Marietta: I was also talking about Milton’s wedding. You know, I have to write a speech for that! Moira asked me to be her matron of honor. So, even more to stress about.

Clara: You’re overwhelmed. I know it’s only been a day, but you really need to consider taking my advice, okay? All this extra stress you’re under is enough, you don’t need to add any more for yourself.

Marietta: The thought of having to tell Tammy I have to be a less active contributor to my own campaign also causes me unimaginable levels of stress. At this point, I’m half woman, half stress. I can’t do anything without worrying.

Clara: This is a conversation that will lead to less stress, it’s worth having, I promise.

Marietta: You haven’t met Tammy.

Clara: You call her right now and tell her. The less time you have to think about it, the less stress it causes. It won’t be bad.

Marietta: All right, but I am blaming you for this.

Clara: Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

Marietta pulls out her phone and calls Tammy.

Tammy: What’s going on, Marietta? Mitch and I were just -

Marietta: Don’t tell me. Please don’t tell me.

Tammy: We were making dinner.

Marietta: Oh, thank god. And, nothing is wrong, so please don’t think there is.

Tammy: I didn’t think anything was wrong, but now I sort of do.

Marietta: Tammy,. I want you to know this is my therapist’s idea, not mine. I’m going to need to reduce my workload. I’m campaigning too much, doing too many events, and it’s causing me too much undue stress. What’s the good in campaigning so hard for a job if I’m just going to be miserable and panicked and fell awful all the time? I hope you understand, and again, doctor’s orders.

Tammy: Honey, I completely understand! You are run ragged, enough to wear anyone down, even without the panic attacks and the anxiousness. I’ll try to schedule you less. Maybe we can send Amy out there to campaign for you.

Marietta: Are we trying to lose?

Tammy: Okay, maybe Henrietta.

Marietta: Much better idea.

Tammy: Well, I’m going to get back to dinner, before Mitch curses me out for not being helpful. You have a nice night and don’t stress too much. I’ll do what I can to reduce the burden for you.

Marietta; Thanks, Tammy. See ya tomorrow!

Marietta hangs up.

Clara: Now, was that so bad?

Marietta: Don’t rub it in.

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