*Polls Fixed* CBS Renew/Cancel Week 25: March Madness Elite Eight Voting + Discussion on East New York and True Lies


Welcome to Week 25 of CBS Renew/Cancel. First, here is the table for Week 25. There are no changes in predictions this week. 

This edition doubles as the Elite Eight of CBS Renew/Cancel March Madness. Now that last week’s matchups have been decided, eight CBS shows move on to the Elite Eight as shown in this bracket:

East New York and True Lies

Despite Lingo’s promising start, the game show flopped behind Survivor and has now been replaced by drama reruns. The first one was a 0.24 A18-49 Live + Same Day rating from an FBI: Most Wanted rerun. True Lies, one of four shows yet to be renewed or canceled, did a 0.23 in the following hour. Airing True Lies after drama reruns demonstrates enough about how little CBS cares for their sole midseason scripted series; watching it fall in the ratings from said drama rerun lead-in is practically a death spell. I’m holding off on a downgrade to Certain Cancel due to uncertainties about a writers’ strike, but even that probably will not save this unowned show. 

East New York received a 0.35 A18-49 Live + Same Day rating last Sunday, which looks solid compared to the 0.30 from the week before, yet still weak when comparing it to The Equalizer’s 0.09 ratings point rise to a 0.49. NCIS: Los Angeles grew from it in the following hour in A18-49 Share (3.7 vs 3.3), further putting East New York’s weakness on display. It remains in Leans Cancel this week, and likely needs to start showing sustained ratings growth soon to convince CBS to renew it. That, or hope they hate all their pilots. 

1 Seed Young Sheldon vs. 9 Seed FBI: International
After winning its play-in round against True Lies in an absolute blowout, East New York fell short of pulling off an upset on the 1 seeded Young Sheldon. Had East New York received the same number of votes this round as it did in its play-in round, and Young Sheldon vs East New York would have been extremely competitive. It’s possible many of the votes for East New York in the play-in round doubled as votes against True Lies, a rather unknown show. 

This matchup could have hypothetically been between Chuck Lorre’s two CBS sitcoms. However, FBI: International had no trouble steamrolling past Bob Hearts Abishola by greater than a 2 to 1 margin. By seeding, this is only a small upset. By the margin of vote, it’s a huge upset. FBI: International got more votes in the Sweet Sixteen than the other FBI shows, and heads into this matchup with a realistic chance to pull off an upset on Young Sheldon. 

Vote below on which show you would most like to see advance to the Final Four!

4 Seed Fire Country vs. 5 Seed The Neighborhood
Fire Country was locked in a tight battle with the 13 seeded CSI: Vegas, but ultimately pulled through. Both Fire Country and CSI: Vegas had high vote totals, and CSI: Vegas exits the tournament with 40 votes — far more votes than almost every show that is still competing. Time will tell how Fire Country fares this week, but the Sweet Sixteen made it an early contender for the championship. 

The Neighborhood did not have to do all that much to advance to this matchup. With 12 votes, its opponent So Help Me Todd tied for the lowest vote-getter in the Sweet Sixteen. With The Neighborhood itself only at 19 votes, it advances with less votes than four shows that were just eliminated. In fact, The Neighborhood and So Help Me Todd combined have less votes than CSI: Vegas, the show Fire Country beat to advance to this round. 

The Neighborhood needs a quick change in momentum in order to advance. Vote below for which show you would most like to see in the Final Four, and go head-to-head against the winner of Young Sheldon and FBI: International!

18 Seed NCIS: Los Angeles vs. 7 Seed NCIS
Whereas East New York lost a substantial number of votes from the play-in round to the Sweet Sixteen, NCIS: Los Angeles stayed remarkably steady. The recently-canceled NCIS spinoff received 51 votes in the play-in round against S.W.A.T., and 54 votes against Ghosts. That makes it the highest vote-getter in both rounds. Unless momentum changes, NCIS: Los Angeles is on a path to winning the whole tournament despite being the 18 seed. 

NCIS had absolutely no issue getting past FBI: Most Wanted, the latter which received just 12 votes. While 33 votes is a strong showing for NCIS, it pales in comparison to NCIS: LA’s 54. 

This could be an interesting matchup, as presumably there are many voters who last round voted for both NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles. Both shows had strong performances in the Sweet Sixteen; one must be eliminated next week. 

Vote below on which of NCIS and NCIS: Los Angeles you would most like to see advance to the Final Four!

3 Seed FBI vs. 11 Seed NCIS: Hawai’i
FBI made it through the Sweet Sixteen against 14 Seed Blue Bloods in a somewhat close matchup, by a tally of 30-23. With Blue Bloods and East New York both eliminated in this round, every show with a fate yet to be determined is now out of contention to win this tournament. FBI will play NCIS: Hawai’i in the Elite Eight, which put up by far the weakest showing for any NCIS show in the Sweet Sixteen. Winning as an 11 Seed was certainly an upset, but with only 20 votes, there were shows eliminated that received more votes than it. If NCIS: Hawai’i manages to make it through this round, it will face off against a fellow NCIS series. If vote totals maintain from the Sweet Sixteen and FBI advances, it will be a battle between CBS’s two flagship franchises. Vote for which show you would most like to see advance!

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