Man With a Plan Season 3 Premiere Review

It feel like it's been an eternity since we've last seen Man With a Plan on our television screens, but it's finally back for its third season. This premiere features Andi's first day on the job with Adam and the guys. Plus, Lowell reveals an embarrassing secret that the rest of the gang helps him with.

Adam is preparing for Andi to begin working at Burns Brothers, and he's forcing Don and Lowell to conform to his new rules. Andi is very excited to begin working with Adam, though Joe and the kids aren't very optimistic and make a bet about how long it will last.

Andi arrives at the job, but suspects that Adam “wife-proofed” it. She tells then to treat her like "one of the guys", and Don decides to put his inappropriate calendars back up. Don also lets it slip that Adam was worried about working with Andi, which leads to an awkward conversation between Adam and Andi. Adam tells her that he doesn’t like having deep conversations like Andi enjoys having. Andi agrees, but then discovers that Lowell is renting an apartment, which will jeopardize her promised “shallowness.” She asks Adam to press Lowell on it, but Adam still doesn’t want to. This leads to an argument that lasts until they get home, and Joe and the kids are proven right about their suspected issues. Adam eventually agrees to ask Lowell about the apartment, and he takes Don with for backup. Don immediately bats when Adam knocks on the door. Lowell reveals that he and Jen are separated, but he doesn’t want to talk about his feelings. Adam’s happy about this, but he gets concerned when he goes into Lowell’s apartment and discovers how tiny and sad it is. Adam asks Lowell to come stay with him and Andi.

Adam isn't pleased that Andi forced him to confront Lowell, because it caused a huge disaster. Don asks Lowell why he would want Jen back after she cheated on him, and he starts to wonder the same. Adam tells Lowell to go confront Jen and get his stuff, but Lowell doesn't want to. Lowell tells him that they can't, because Jen is away, but Adam convinces him to just break in and take his stuff. The whole gang goes that night, but someone from the security company picks them up. She takes Lowell, Andi and Don away, but Adam ditches them and the security lady doesn't care enough to search for him. It turns out that Adam hid in the closet and waited for them all to leave. Adam didn't get any of Lowell's stuff, but he did steal all of her toilet paper as a unique form of revenge.


This was a great return for Man With a Plan, with an incredibly funny plot that managed to (mostly) move away from the typical Adam vs. Andi plot that the show usually relies on. I would have liked to see more of Andi working with the guys, but I assume we'll be seeing that in the coming episodes, so I'll just have to wait for that until next week. Giving Lowell most of the attention for the second half of the episode ended up working very well, as it brought all of the characters together, which is usually when some magic happens on this show. Seeing Lowell get revenge thanks to Adam was very, very satisfying, and I hope he can manage to get on with his life now (and maybe even find someone who will appreciate him). Even though he wasn't in nearly enough of this premiere episode, Don managed to steal just about every scene he was in. I just love him. His light-up shoes giving them away to the security woman at the house was so, so funny.

In a completely unrelated note, I have to say that I'm extremely happy to see that Kali Rocha has been upgraded to a series regular. Marcy has always been one of my favorite parts of the show and I'm glad to know that we'll be seeing more of her this time around, even if we didn't get to see her in this week's episode.

Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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