Network - Episode 2.01 - She’s Back (Season Premiere)

2x01 - “She’s Back”

By: Jessica Boggs

Five months after the events of the season finale of Network, a new season is on the horizon. Jesse enters the scene, happy to be back. Jesse just returned from a week long vacation to the Bahamas with his pregnant girlfriend, Kasey. But little does he know, there are changes on the horizon.

Jesse: What a relief. It is great to be back at headquarters.

Jesse walks to the door and opens it with a smile on his face.

All of a sudden, Jesse frowns when he sees a frowning Leah and Matt. They appear to be struggling during morning coffee.

Jesse: What the hell happened?
Leah: Trouble happened.
Matt: Everyone is panicking at the office.
Leah: Ash just stepped down.
Matt: We don’t know who is replacing him yet.
Leah: It’s a mess. Will I still even have my job?
Matt: I don’t know. Will I still have mine?
Jesse (surprised): What? When did Ash leave?
Matt: Two days ago.
Jesse: Oh no.
Matt: If the new president comes in, you better hope you still have your job.
Leah: Oh God no. We can’t lose a core member of our executive team. It’s awkward not having my husband at the office.
Jesse: Leah, this must have been so awkward for both of you.
Leah: I know.
Jesse: Kasey and I have been on vacation and I come back to this?
Matt: Yep.
Leah: Speaking of Kasey, how is she doing?
Jesse: She and the baby are doing well.
Leah: I’m glad. In her condition, she won’t be able to handle the news very well.
Jesse: Maybe, but we’ve been in worse.
Leah: Don’t remind me.
Matt: No one wants to relive the Psych Med debacle of the fall season.
Jesse: That’s what I meant about worse.

All of a sudden, a pregnant Kasey frantically enters the scene, with her smartphone in hand.

Kasey: Guys, look at this!

Leah snatches the phone from Kasey.

Leah: Oh hell no!
Jesse: What is it?
Leah: Somebody filed damaging allegations against Ash.
Kasey: And there’s more. The woman identified is Carolyn, apparently an ex-wife.
Leah: I don’t believe this. Ash never told me he was married previously.
Charlie (O.S): Not so fast!
Jesse: Charlie?!?!?

Charlie enters the scene.

Charlie: That’s right, Meadows. I’m taking over as interim president of the network.
Jesse: Interim?!?
Charlie: Yes. And no one is safe.
Leah: No one?
Charlie: Yep. Including you.
Jesse: How the f*** is that even possible?
Charlie (laughs): Well, I guess the future is female, right?
Matt (to Leah): I can’t believe I’m hearing this. Is she serious?
Charlie: Of course I’m serious, blonde headed bird brain.
Leah: You’re the new president, Charlie. I don’t think name-calling is appropriate in your position.
Charlie: Well, you’re right. I came in because there were domestic violence allegations against your husband by an ex-wife. We need to get to the bottom of this. And Jesse, you need to watch your back. If you’re not careful, these allegations could befall you.
Jesse: Not happening.
Charlie: Of course not. You think nothing will happen to you, but you are in denial mode at the moment. If it isn’t domestic violence, then it could be sexual harassment.
Jesse: Good grief. I’ve never done anything besides cheat on Leah with Holly. And then dump Holly in the worst way after I found out she was pregnant. And to be honest, I regret what I did to both of them.
Leah: Jesse, now is not the time for reformative semantics. I know you regret what you did, but we’re both different people now.

Charlie then glares at Leah.

Charlie: On an affirmative note, things will definitely be complicated at network headquarters. We all have to do our part to make sure this upcoming season is better than that disastrous fall we had with Psych Med that is plaguing the rest of the network. Let’s do this!

After all, this begins the start of season 2 of Network. Stay tuned for an exciting season ahead! On next week’s episode, things get even more complicated.


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRG Originals and Boggs Productions.

 is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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