Mom S6E6 Review

This episode revisits the money that Christy owes Jill after gambling away the money she lent her to bail Bonnie out of jail. Also, Bonnie and Adam venture into the world of tattoos.

S6E6 "Cottage Cheese and a Weird Buzz"

Trying to find some peace and quiet, Christy goes to Jill, where she really gets a good look at Jill's luxurious lifestyle. This is all a bit over-the-top, but then the episode gets to its point when Jill reminds Christy of the money she owes her. So, Christy works hard to come up with seventy-five dollars for Jill.

After seeing how Jill doesn't even actually care about the money once she has it, she gets enraged, and after a sequence of events that includes pushing Jill into the pool, Jill ends up telling Christy that she doesn't need to pay her back the money. At a gambler's anonymous meeting though, Christy is reminded that it's not about the money, but about her addiction, and that she needs to pay back the money so that it doesn't feel like she beat the system. This felt like a fairly typical Mom lesson, but it was still well done.

Meanwhile, after being called grandparents by a couple of teenagers, Bonnie and Adam decide to get tattoos. This story also takes a little while to get going, but eventually Bonnie is really enjoying getting tattoos, while Adam becomes concerned about her. While what Bonnie ends up learning, how tattoos age, isn't particularly interesting, Adam does learn a more interesting lesson, as he realizes he doesn't have any power over Bonnie's addiction, and begins going to Al-anon meetings.

This episode had a slow start, and some of the lessons the characters learned were either typical in Christy's case and uninteresting in Bonnie's, Adam's decision to go to Al-anon meetings is a good decision for him and a high point of the episode.

Score: 6.5/10

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