Woah Folks, I Had Another Dream - Episode 1.08 - Part 8 (Season Finale)

Woah Folks, I Had Another Dream
1x08 - “Part 8”

By: Jessica Boggs

Previously on Woah Folks, I Had Another Dream, Amanda meets up with a police officer.

Officer: You! Hands up where I can see them!

Amanda turns around. She quickly puts her hands up.

Amanda: Yes, sir!
Officer: Amanda, what exactly are you doing here?
Amanda: I’m looking for a therapist. Jane Doe. That may not be her real name though.
Officer (holding out a picture): Do you recognize this photo? We are looking for Sarah Lynn Turner, who has disappeared for years on end.

Then, after snatching the photo of Sarah Lynn Turner, Amanda is in shock. Tonight, we conclude this story.

Officer: Whoa! You mean to say that she is going by an alias?

Amanda is taken aback.

Officer: Answer me.
Amanda (sobs): Yes. My father, Will Turner, is in prison for the alleged murder of my mother.
Officer: Murder?
Amanda: Yes.
Officer: Oh no. This is impossible.
Amanda: It’s not something that happens every day.

All of a sudden, Jane Doe walks in.

Jane Doe: What the hell is going on?
Officer: Ms. Doe?
Jane Doe: Go away! I’m no longer accepting new patients.
Amanda: Why?
Jane Doe: Goodspeed, Amanda.

All of a sudden, Jane Doe enters her office and shuts the door.

Amanda: This is strange.
Officer: Oh my God.
Amanda: What is it?
Officer: That happens to be Sarah Lynn Turner. You did say your father murdered your mother, correct?
Amanda: Yes.
Officer: Do you have a picture of your mother with you?
Amanda: Well, I do.

Amanda hands the officer the photo. The officer raises his eyebrows.

Officer: Yep.
Amanda: What is it?
Officer: Your mother is Sarah Lynn Turner. It’s very striking.
Amanda: How? That’s impossible. My mother’s name was Mary. Unless she’s the twin sister.
Officer: Let me look into the database.

Officer sits down in the waiting area, pulls out his laptop, types a name.

Officer: I’m afraid a Mary Turner does not exist in the database.
Amanda: Because she’s dead.
Officer: No, a Mary Turner has not existed in the record for decades.
Amanda: I don’t believe this.

Amanda then panics heavily.

Amanda (narrating): Is this all real? Sarah Lynn Turner is my mother? So she faked her own death and my father’s in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Amanda: Officer, you found the right person. She’s in her office.
Officer: Well.

The officer then heads towards the door, and then knocks it.

Officer: Ms. Doe, we have a warrant to search the premises. Can you open the door, please?
Jane Doe (off screen): Absolutely not.
Officer: The court orders it.
Jane Doe: I’ll let you in, but only if Amanda comes.

The officer and Amanda then head inside once the door opens.


Jane Doe: So you want to know the truth?
Amanda: I want to know. Are you my mother?
Jane Doe: Let me explain. My name is Sarah Lynn Turner. I have a daughter named Amanda. My husband’s name is Will. I go by the name of Jane Doe because I am in fear for my life. You see Amanda, Will raised you as his daughter, but he is not your father. My ex boyfriend Charles is your father. Charles killed my twin sister Margaret and framed the one who raised you.
Amanda: Okay, okay, slow down. So, my aunt is dead instead of you, Mom?
Sarah Lynn: Yes, Amanda.
Officer: Oh no. Dr. Turner, I am so sorry. Did you have a restraining order on him before you decided to use an alias?
Sarah Lynn: Yes, officer. But he has violated the restraining order, which means I had to change my name and leave town.

Amanda (in shock, narrating): Somehow, I wonder why I am having these dreams. My biological father is the one pulling the strings. From framing the man I called my dad in my biological aunt’s murder to Mom using an alias. All of this is becoming weird to me.

With Charles on the loose, Amanda and Sarah Lynn will continue to piece together the past in order to uncover the truth and bring him to justice. This has been a thrilling season for Woah Folks, I Had Another Dream (or Whoa Folks, I Had Another Dream). Stay tuned for the next season, as more twists will uncover more dreams.


WOAH FOLKS, I HAD ANOTHER DREAM is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.

WOAH FOLKS, I HAD ANOTHER DREAM is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRGO as well as Boggs Productions. 


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