Young Sheldon Season 2 Episode 8 Review

Sheldon and Meemaw become obsessed with video games on tonight's Young Sheldon. Also, Georgie gets a part-time job that shows the origin of his later career. This episode sounds like a very promising one, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Meemaw gives Sheldon a video game console she won at bowling, but he refuses because "video games are for children." Ultimately, she is able to convince him to play, but not before he spends an eternity reading the instructions. Georgie also gets an offer for a part-time job at Hershel's car shop, which he agrees to after getting Mary's permission.

Days later, Sheldon and Meemaw are now obsessed with their video game. Mary has to intervene, especially once it startings interfering with Sheldon's bedtime. Hershel stops by to ask Georgie to work the next day, which would interfere with football practice. George is opposed to this, but Georgie really wanted to work. George forces him to play football, which leads to a fight between the two. That night, Sheldon dreams about the video game and he calls Meemaw in the middle of the night for game advice. However, he discovers that she's playing the game without him and he gets upset, until she agrees to turn off the game for the night.

Meemaw starts up the game, but she can't bear to play it without Sheldon. So she stops by school to pick him up, which Sheldon isn't all that happy about because hooky is wrong. He gets over it though, and they go home to finish the game up. Meemaw hands the controller over to Sheldon and they end up fighting the video game villain together. Hershel stops by to tell George that Georgie has a real gift for changing tires, and that he has a future in the tire business. Sheldon and Meemaw beat the game, and they then decide to buy another game to play together.

This was a stellar, and unexpectedly emotional, episode of Young Sheldon. While Georgie's storyline was very good itself, Sheldon and Meemaw's was fantastic. I was expecting a pretty run-of-the-mill and bland storyline there, but it was actually pretty layered. It was both hilarious and emotional, with the ending voiceover really tugging at my heartstrings. It was also great to see Sheldon just let loose and worry about something other than academics for once, especially since he actually neglected his school duties to play video games. It was hilarious and unexpected, but a real delight. Seeing the strong bond that Sheldon and Meemaw have get some increased attention also helped make this one of the finest episodes of the season. The episode also managed to give every member of the family something really funny to do, whether it was just a few lines like Mary and Missy or a whole storyline like Sheldon and Meemaw. This was my favorite episode of the season for sure.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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