Network - Episode 1.21 - The Moment of Truth

Network 1x21
“The Moment of Truth”

By: Jessica Boggs

Previously on Network, there was an unplanned party at Holly’s apartment. Nobody got wasted, but Charlie still has tricks up her sleeve in creating hijinks. In this episode of Network, it’s the day the critics will meet outside of headquarters.

Leah: Today is the big day.
Jesse: You said it.
Leah: Got your reports?
Jesse: I do. In my office.

Leah and Jesse head to his office.

Jesse and Leah enter the office. To her surprise, the office space is clean.

Leah: Wow.
Jesse: Wow is right.
Leah: I’ve never seen your office this clean before!
Jesse: I did some organizing and re-arranging over the past week since we ordered a limited series to series.
Leah: Yeah, a series no one expected or wanted.
Jesse: Remember Psych Med, Leah? That was not my idea.
Leah: One that ended up in your reports that you found. Earlier in the season, you lost most of the reports to the pilots.
Jesse: I did. But it won’t happen again. I have discovered the magical power of flash drives.
Leah (puzzled): Flash drives?
Jesse: Flash drives. You plug one into your computer and you save files on there.
Leah: Care to demonstrate?
Jesse: Sure.

Jesse then plugs a flash drive into his computer hard drive and then it opens up on his computer.

Jesse: You simply open the flash drive file on your computer and then whala, you get lots of files to look at.
Leah: Welcome to the technological age, Jesse.
Jesse: Well, I am still working on how this works.

All of a sudden, Kasey comes into the office.

Kasey: Hey guys! We need to be in the green room in fifteen minutes with all the talking points.
Jesse: Will do. I’ll get them from my flash drive.
Kasey: I’ve never heard of you working with flash drives, Jesse. But I’m glad you took my advice and got your stuff organized.
Jesse: Better than having a mess around the office. Ash wants me to be a little more organized.
Leah: The office looks way better now than it ever has!
Kasey: Agreed. Now can we just hurry over to the green room?
Jesse (grabs flash drive): Got it!

Jesse, Kasey, and Leah exit the scene.

Ash is panicking while preparing for the big day.

Ash: Where are my talking points? This is going to be a disaster waiting to happen.

Jesse, Kasey, and Leah show up.

Jesse: Right here!
Ash: Where are they?
Jesse: My flash drive!
Ash: Since when do you even have a flash drive?
Jesse: Just let me plug it into the computer.

Jesse finds Ash’s laptop and plugs in the flash drive. He then opens up the file entitled “Talking Points” under the critics folder. Ash then reads over them.

Ash: Good work, Jesse. Now, if we can get them printed before my cue, that would be great.
Leah: There’s a printer in this room.

Leah then prints off the file. She then gets the file from the printer and hands it over to Ash.

Ash: This is record timing for you guys.

He looks at his watch.

Ash: That’s my cue. I gotta talk to these critics.

He then kisses Leah on the cheek, and high fives Jesse and Kasey and leaves the scene.

Leah: That’s my man.
Kasey: You said it. Well done, Jesse. All the tasks are done in record time since you got the flash drive.
Jesse: Glad you thought of this, honey. I would have never thought of it.

Ash is giving a speech to all the critics.

Ash: Well, as you all know, we canceled Psych Med and pulled it from the schedule a few months ago. We were very disappointed with its ratings when it premiered. But one thing is for sure, the loyal fans of Psych Med deserve a conclusion and I know the writers will deliver it.
Critic #1: Do you have anything to comment on The President’s Daughter, Mr. Chambers?
Ash: Yes. I’m very pleased with The President’s Daughter’s performance this season.

Kasey: Based on the Twitter trends, we are killing it!
Leah: Finally. After a rough year. Thanks to Jesse for saving the day.

Charlie enters.

Charlie: Not so fast.
Kasey: What the hell are you doing here, Charlie?
Charlie: Controversy is ensuing during production of one certain show. Did you know that one of Psych Med’s producers is accused of sexual harassment?
Leah: Too late for that. We’ve already canceled it.

News ensues that Psych Med is in even more trouble than usual. All will be revealed in the season finale of Network!


NETWORK is written and executive produced by Jessica Boggs and production is overseen by TVRG Originals.

 is one of The TV Ratings Guide's first ORIGINAL SERIES, an exclusive feature of  The TV Ratings Guide.


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