The Goldbergs Season 6 Episode 8 Review

This week's Goldbergs puts the spotlight on Murray's health and Beverly's living room. Both are topics that haven't yet been explored by The Goldbergs, though the episode will probably still end up featuring some familiar elements.

Beverly is concerned about the results of Murray's bloodwork, which makes her want to exercise with him. To her surprise, he agrees. But he's just trying to fool her, because he's planning on using flattery and a seafood dinner to get out of it without refusing outright. It works like a charm. Adam's freaking out about his toy truck rolling into the living room, which Beverly won't let anyone in because she wants to preserve it. He tries to go in, but Beverly hears him and stops him. Adam and Erica change their tune when they learn that some of the room's contents have actual value, and she lets the two of them claim the items for the future, but they won't be able to sell them. Barry gets an idea to convince Murray to start drinking Slim Fast to lost weight, but it backfires when he decides to eat his usual food in addition to the shakes, making things worse. When she has the Frentas over, Beverly notices that all of the items in the living room have Barry's name on them, and she gets upset that Adam and Erica want none of it. This gives her the idea to sell the items from the living room to buy what she wants.

Beverly takes her living room collection to the auction house, but she finds the prices far too low. She raises the prices, and Adam and Erica see these prices in a catalogue. And all of the sudden, they want all the useless crap. At Barry's request, Coach Mellor shows up to help Murray get fit. Murray's resistant at first, but he gets the idea to use the same trick on Mellor that he used on Beverly, and it works. At the auction, the items begin to sell for way less than asking price and Beverly throws a fit. At the house, Mellor is relaxing after his meal with Murray, and Barry goes to the last resort: telling Murray how he really feels. Murray doesn't react very well to this.

Adam and Erica get into a fight with Beverly about her living room collection, and she tells them the real reason she cares so much about it: she collected it to leave some part of the family with them. The kids are able to get the couch (the only thing that sold) back for her, and she tells them that they'll be using it for actual living from now on.

This was one of the funniest episode of The Goldbergs all season. I really enjoyed both plots, because they weren't like the usual stories the show tackles. While their endings were very Goldbergs-esque, the episode felt pretty fresh and different, which hasn't been something you could say very often about The Goldbergs lately. Beverly always cracks me up, but she was by far the best part of this episode and her insistence on absolutely insane prices for her "treasures" really had me in stitches. The stuffed owl fight was also a memorable moment. On the other hand, Barry worrying about Murray's health was really sweet to see, and Barry eventually telling Murray his real feelings to his face was really sweet, even if Murray completely blew his chance for a touching moment afterwards.

Score: 9/10
Grade: A-

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