The Conners Season 1 Episode 6 Review

Last week was a very significant episode for the Conner family, Becky in particular. It also left us with a bit of a cliffhanger, in the form of Maria and Bridgette, customers at the restaurant who might become potential adoptive parents to Becky's baby. We'll see how that plays out on tonight's episode. Also, because some things never change, Jackie "hatches" a new scheme that will absolutely drive Dan up a wall.

Jackie applied for an application with the city to build a chicken coop, and she's approved, much to Dan's dismay. The kids get really excited about the possibility, and they're able to convince Dan to allow it. Meanwhile, Andrea stops by the restaurant and her and Becky start talking about motherhood. She tells Becky that she's struggling with being a mom, despite being well-off financially, and then Becky tells her that she's pregnant. Later on, Bridgette and Maria, the couple from last week's episode, tells Becky that they'd like to adopt Becky's baby, but she'd still get to see it and be a part of its life. Becky is shocked and she decides to think it over.

Dan has been up all night, but he finished the chicken coop. Jackie brings their chicken, Cornflakes, back from the vet after it was attacked by a cat. The vet says she has PTSD and will need special treatment, including living in the house for a while. Dan's... not thrilled. Meanwhile, Darlene tells Ben about the harassment she's been suffering from at the casino, and he tells her how to fend the guy off. Becky stops by Bridgette and Maria's to tell them that she decided to raise the baby with them, but she's not exactly thrilled about it.

Becky wakes Darlene up to tell her about her decision, because she's freaked out about it and needs advice. Darlene doesn't get why she made the decision without asking her, and Becky tells her why she's so concerned: she's an alcoholic, and she knows it. Jackie has decided to get rid of the chickens and take them to a chicken sanctuary, but Dan tells her they can stay. Then Jackie tells Dan that she only wanted the chickens to be at the Conner house so that she had a reason to come over. Dan tells her she doesn't need the chickens to have an excuse to come over, because she's family. At the casino, Darlene spills her drink on the creepy guy and decides to quit her job. Meanwhile, Becky tells Bridgette and Maria that she's decided to keep the baby.

This was my favorite episode of The Conners so far. The entire episode was hilarious, with all the storylines providing for some memorable and highly comical moments. Becky's storyline obviously got the most attention, and for good reason. It was great to see Becky confronting her problems, and bonding with Darlene over them. I'm also so glad that she decided to keep her baby, because the thought of Becky as a mother is hilarious and now we'll actually get to see it. Jackie's story was very funny, especially after they brought Cornflakes the chicken back from the vet, but the unexpected emotional turn it took at the end might have been the best part. Her and Dan may not always be the best of friends, and they may drive each other crazy, but it was great to see that both really do care about each other.

Score: 9.5/10
Grade: A

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