Dancing With the Stars Season 27 Episode 10 Review

It's the semifinals of Dancing With the Stars, which means that the contestants now have to dance two individual dances. Hopefully, everyone has a great night, and they can give us an incredible night of dance.

Milo Manheim and Witney:
Milo's Argentine tango was definitely overshadowed by Juan Pablo's, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a solid dance in itself. It wasn't Milo's best dance, but it was fine. His second dance was better, though it also wasn't his best work. Semifinals night wasn't all that great for Milo, and he actually was kind of a middle-of-the-pack performer for the first time since premiere night. I'm still rooting for him, and he's still my favorite, but I was a little underwhelmed.
Argentine Tango Score: 9
Cha-Cha Score: 10

Evanna Lynch & Keo:
The Contemporary left me in tears, it was so beautifully choreographed and performed, and Evanna danced like an actual pro. It was my absolute favorite dance of hers so far and one of my favorite dances of the season. Her foxtrot was also greatly improved from her first attempt, but it wasn't as strong as the contemporary. Still, it was a great night for Evanna all-in-all and she definitely proved that she has what it takes to win this thing.
Contemporary Score: 10
Foxtrot Score: 9

Bobby Bones & Sharna:
Bobby has a pretty mediocre start to his night with a messy Salsa, but it got a little better with his reprise of the jive. His original jive was energetic to a fault, but this one was a lot cleaner and definitely was an improvement. He's still one of the weaker dancers on the show, but he really has improved greatly and that deserves to be noted
Salsa Score: 7
Jive Score: 8

Juan Pablo Di Pace & Cheryl:
Juan Pablo's Salsa was great, but that Argentine Tango was something else. It was, for sure, his best dance of the season and the night's best dance. You really couldn't even tell whether Juan Pablo or Cheryl was the pro, because he was just that good.
Argentine Tango Score: 10
Salsa Score: 10

Alexis Ren & Alan Bersten:
Alexis had a pretty good semifinals, though I do have to agree with Len that the Waltz didn't feel all that much like a waltz. It was still well done, but I didn't love it as a waltz. The jive, however, was loads of fun and, though not the best dance she's done, something that is insanely re-watchable.
Waltz Score: 9
Jive Score: 10

Grocery Store Dancer Joe Amabile & Jenna:
Joe has had an interesting journey on Dancing With the Stars. He's been a huge underdog all season, but he has progressed a lot so far and he's actually turned into a pretty decent dancer. He's far from the best on the show, but that really doesn't matter. The progress he's shown (especially in these past few weeks) has been incredible, and I'm actually pretty proud of him.
Contemporary Score: 8
Quickstep Score: 8

Dancers of the Night: Juan Pablo & Cheryl - Argentine Tango
Honorable Mention: Evanna & Keo - Contemporary

Worst of the Night: Bobby & Sharna - Salsa
(Dis)Honorable Mention: Joe & Jenna - Contemporary

Rankings for the Week:
1- Juan Pablo & Cheryl - Argentine Tango
2- Evanna & Keo - Contemporary
3- Alexis & Alan - Jive
4- Juan Pablo & Cheryl - Salsa
5- Milo & Witney - Cha-Cha
6- Milo & Witney - Argentine Tango
7- Evanna & Keo - Foxtrot
8- Alexis & Alan - Waltz
9- Joe & Jenna - Quickstep
10- Bobby & Sharna - Jive
11- Joe & Jenna - Contemporary
12- Bobby & Sharna - Salsa

This was a really fun episode, but man, that elimination really put a damper on things. No, not Joe's. Juan Pablo was never my favorite dancer, but he was an extremely talented one and he deserved to be in the finals, so his elimination is a travesty. However, this was still a great episode with a ton of wonderful dances.
Score: 8.5/10
Grade: B+

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